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Inside Out Classes

Updated: Apr 28

Our Inside Out courses are the perfect way to introduce indoor climbers to outdoor bouldering, or build confidence for those who have already ventured out but need a little guidance. Throughout the warmer months and whilst the evenings are lighter, we aim to run our Inside Out sessions every 2 weeks on a Tuesday evening.

Claire Youdale, our Outdoor Coordinator, has been working at The Climbing Works since 2009. In 2013 she helped to set up our very popular Inside Out courses and has been one of the coaches involved with running them ever since. As well as helping to coordinate our outdoor sessions, and coaching for us at The Climbing Works she also has her own coaching business as a Development Coach. Here she works with motivated adults from beginners to performance climbers, both inside and out where she creates a comfortable non-judgemental learning environment.

So who better to give you an insight into our Inside Out courses, what to expect, and why we want to share this wonderful experience with you than Claire… When and why did you set up the Inside Out courses? I wanted to help support people make the transition from climbing indoors to outside in a fun supportive environment. We are so well placed in the Peak for outdoor climbing and I wanted to help remove some of the barriers for people wanting to climb outside. How is climbing outside different to indoors? There are midges outside! There are lots of differences climbing inside and out, the main ones being; you have to carry your crash pad with you, topping out and walking off/down climbing have to be considered, the routes are in a guidebook not marked on the wall and the style of climbing is very different particularly on grit. What tips would you give someone who wants to get outside for the first time? Go for volume in your problem choices to give you a good feel for the venue and rock type. Where are your favourite venues to take new outdoor boulderers? Burbage South boulders has an excellent progressive entry level circuit. Can you explain a little about outdoor bouldering etiquette? Outside, especially on grit, its important to respect the rock and not climb when it's wet. This can lead to holds breaking and excessive erosion of footholds, gritstone and sandstone are most vulnerable in the damp. Always brush off any chalk marks before you leave using a soft brush and clean your shoes before stepping on. The Peak is one of the most popular National Parks in the country so the usual country code rules apply, take all litter home, close gates and respect other users of the Park. What would you recommend to pack into your crag bag?

All of the snacks, and tea. A good roll of tape, chalk and a soft brush. Do you have any other tips to share? Don’t get too hung up on the grades when you first climb outside, it will feel very different to indoors and can take a few sessions to get into how the rock feels and how you need to move on it.

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