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I haven't been to The Climbing Works before, can I just come and climb?

Adults (18+): If you are an experienced boulderer then you can sign up to climb independently. If you have little to no bouldering experience you will need to be supervised by an existing member or complete an Adult/Junior Induction.

14 - 17 years: If you are an experienced boulderer you can complete a Junior Assessment. When you come down (your parent may need to be present). If you are inexperienced you will need to complete an Adult/Junior Induction.

Under 14 years: Must be supervised by an adult supervisor/adult climber at all times.

I haven't been to the Mini Works before, can I just come along with the kids?

Before you come to the Mini Works, you will need to know the following:

I left my stuff at the Climbing Works, where is it?

We keep all lost property for 4 weeks before donating it to charity. Give us a call on 0114 250 9990 or chat to the reception staff when you come down to reclaim it.

Can I bring my friends who haven't climbed before?

If you are an Unsupervised Adult climber, then yes. You can supervise up to two novices in The Climbing Works or Mini Works. Check supervision ratios here. 

If you are a novice yourself, you'll have to wait until you have more experience.

Do you have roped walls?

No, bouldering is climbing 4m walls over crash pads. This means no ropes, no harnesses, no belaying  and more climbing!

Questions gone unanswered? Get in touch!

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