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Three centres, one site: climbing for all ages, abilities and inclinations.

The Climbing Works has three centres to cater for all ages and abilities in the climbing community. 

The Climbing Works is the original dedicated bouldering wall for climbers who like good boulders, good music and good company. 

The Mini Works is a centre for young people and families, including parents who don't climb but want to supervise their children. 

Unit E is a world class training facility for climbers who want to push their limits. 



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The Climbing Works

The Climbing Works

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The UK's original dedicated bouldering wall, a National Performance Centre and centre of international significance. 

The Climbing Works was built in 2006 as a place for people of all ages and abilities to come and enjoy climbing some really good boulders. Whilst our space has grown and changed, this vision has stayed the same. 

We pride ourselves on our routesetting (the Olympic head route setter, Percy Bishton, also happens to be our head route setter); upbeat music and a warm, relaxed atmosphere. 

What you'll find here: 

  • 11 Fontainebleau-style boulder circuits (20 - 40 blocs) graded from F2 - F8a (about VB - V11). 

  • Weekly resets from world class routesetters.

  • Rab competition wall with comp-style boulders at a range of grades.

  • Two beastmaker boards, one at 35° and one at 45°.

  • 35° degree circuit board, graded from f6A - f 9a and set by Steve McClure (legend) and Sam Whittaker (resident legend).

  • Dedicated training area with Beastmakers (1000 and 2000), rings, free weights and stretching area.

  • The Climbing Works Shop - try climbing shoes on the wall, buy clothes, accessories, guidebook and gifts.

  • Good coffee, good snacks, good music, good company.

  • Key events in your climbing calendar, like the CWIF and the YCF.

What you need to know:

  • Opening times, prices and membership can be found here.

  • Experienced climbers can join without an induction and can supervise two adult novices.

  • If you have little/no climbing experience, you can come along with an experienced friend or complete an adult induction.

  • Experienced climbers U18 supervision ratios:: Children aged 5-17- 1 adult: 2 children (including non climbing U18's). Under 5s has a 1:1 ratio at all times in the main centre. 


The Climbing Works


A dedicated centre for young people and families to explore bouldering.

We built the Mini Works so that young people and families could learn to climb in a welcoming and safe environment. 

Parents who do not have any climbing experience can also supervise their children in this centre. All you need to do is watch our supervisor induction video.


What you'll find here:

  • Boulder circuits set specifically for children and young people (less big moves). Reset weekly. 

  • Also some boulder circuits set for the grown ups!

  • Two Mini Boulders for the really little ones to build up their confidence,  (with a slide, because slides are fun).

  • A splatter training board set for younger climbers (with Stokt app for sharing and logging climbs).​

  • ​All our kids classess and coached sessions are based here.

  • As are our kids parties

What you need to know:

  • Supervision ratios: 

    • Children aged 5 - 17 years -  1 adult :2 children

    • Under 5s - 1 adult : 1 child at weekends/school holidays. 1 adult : 2 children on weekdays in term time. 

    • Babies are included in the ratio.

  • If you have no climbing experience you'll need to do a Supervisor Induction before your first visit. 

The Mini Works
Unit E
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World-class training facility and the home of Team GB

Unit E is a purpose-built training facility for climbers who want to push their limits and progress. From 9 - 5 this is the home of Team GB, but at evenings and weekends you climb the comp-style boulders and make use of the gym.

What you'll find here:

  • Comp style boulders by World Cup setters, regularly reset.

  • Comp style splatter board and campus board,

  • Strength and conditioning suite with squat racks & bench, Olympic bars and plates, prowler sled and run, kettle bells, gymnastic rings and mobility & stretching area.

  • Conference room (8 x 5 metres) ideal for meetings, workshops and classes (such as yoga classes).

What you need to know:

  • Unit E is open to the public on weekdays after 5pm and weekends.

  • Entry is included in your membership/Climbing Works entry price.  

  • The centre is not staffed, you'll need to visit The Climbing Works reception to be signed in.

  • U18s cannot use the strength and conditioning suite (unless with a coach).

  • Junior climbers must be accompanied by another climber/junior climber when in Unit E.

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