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If you are a novice climber and would like to climb unsupervised in The Climbing Works, Unit E and The Mini Works, you can complete an Adult/Junior induction.

Once you have completed this session you will be officially classed as an Adult or Junior Climber. This means you can climb independently across all three centres whenever you want (within opening hours of course!). 

Who for? anyone aged 14 or older with little to no bouldering experience.

Session times: 

Monday: 7:30pm - 9:15pm / Sunday: 10:30am - 11:45 am

Prices: Adults: £20 / 14 - 17 years: £15

For 14 - 17 year olds, a parent/legal guardian must fill out the Junior Climber waiver form before the induction.

For 14 - 15 year olds, a parent/legal guardian must be present at the start of the induction.

We offer private inductions, email or call 0114 250 9990 to book. 



The ABCs of climbing in a free coaching session! Ideal if you have just completed your induction, are fairly new to climbing or would like to meet new people.

The session topics rotate over eight weeks, you can join at any time in the rotation and keep coming for as long as you like! Aimed at Green, Blue and Pinkle-level climbers.

Price: FREE! (with entry)

Session times: Monday 7:30pm – 9pm


  • Movement and Balance

  • Footwork

  • Hold Identification

  • Route Reading

  • Steep Ground

  • Taking on the circuits and warming up (level 1, Green Circuit)

  • Taking on the circuits and warming down (level 2, Blue circuit)

  • Taking in the circuits (level 3, Pinkle circuit)


No booking necessary, just join us on the day!



A free coaching session for those climbing the middle grade circuits (Blacks, Yellows and Irn Brus). Ideal for those keen to progress onto the harder circuits.

The session topics rotate over eight weeks, you can join at any time in the rotation and keep coming for as long as you like!


Price: FREE! (with entry)

Session times: Wednesday 7:30pm – 9pm


  • Route Reading (moving on from the basics)

  • Slab techniques

  • Heel hooks and toe hooks

  • Aretes and volumes

  • Steep ground (moving on from the basics)

  • Taking on the circuits (level 4, Red Circuit)

  • Taking on the circuits (level 5, Irn Bru Circuit)

  • Taking on the circuits (level 6, Yellow Circuit)


No booking necessary, just join us on the day!

womens climbing.jpg


A free coaching session for women over 16 who want to climb and train with other women. A fun and informal session aimed at women of all abilities. 

We usually have two coaches on this session so that we can split into groups dependent on focus. 


Price: FREE! (with entry)

Session times: 1st Friday of the Month 7:00pm - 8:30pm

No need to book just join us on the day!

New climbers: we sometimes run a Women's only Induction alongside our women's coached session. These run 7:00-8:00pm with the intention of joining the Women's Evening afterwards. Message for more info.

Next Women's only Induction runs on Friday 1st December 7:00-8:00pm


CLIMB For Your Mind


Climb For Your Mind with Sarah is aimed at people who deal with mild forms of anxiety, stress or low moods.

This 4 week group program will use a combination of social climbing and talking based exercises to help tackle these issues. 

Climb For Your Mind will aim to: 

-> Improve social anxiety

-> Increase feelings of stress relief

-> Improve mood

-> Challenge Irrational thoughts

-> Achieve goals

-> Feel more resilient 

The session will consist of 30 minutes of group talking therapy exercises in the conference room and an hour and a half of social climbing, all lead by Sarah.

If you are unsure about the session feel free to have an initial phone call or meeting with Sarah before the first session begins to talk through session topics or just simply know your way around the centre. Email for more information.

Total cost of 4 sessions is £60

Minimum age 18

Climb For Your Mind is not a treatment for mental health issues but a chance to use climbing as an avenue for release. Sarah is not a qualified therapist but she is in her final year of studying for a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. She does not diagnose or treat mental health issues.

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Take your climbing outdoors on this coached session in the Peak District.

You’ll learn best and safe practices for outdoor bouldering, including spotting, pad placement and  topping out. We'll also look at how you can transfer your existing skills to real rock, so you can get the most our of your future outdoor bouldering endeavours.

If you have climbed outside before, we can tailor sessions to help you build confidence, discover new venues and boulder outdoors in a supportive environment.  


Price: £27

Sessions times:  Alternative Tuesday's 6:30pm - 8:30pm (from May onwards)

Women's only: 2nd June - Further dates TBC

If you’d like to book a session at another time or arrange a private session, email us at

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