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Benefits of Climbing on a Board

In September we'll be starting our new Introduction to Board Climbing Sessions to help you get started using boards for training across our centres.

If you're not familiar with the boards, here is Climbing Works coach Alex with 6 benefits of using boards to train for climbing.

(These are some of our boards, in case you've not seen them:)

6 Benefits of Board Cilmbing
  1. Enhance Technique Precision: Board climbing, such as on the 1000 Board, sharpens your technique by introducing challenging holds and angles. This translates to better footwork, body positioning, and balance.

  2. Build Power and Strength: Mastering the board demands increased power in your upper body, core, and fingers. As you navigate through dynamic moves and tricky holds, you'll naturally develop the strength needed for powerful climbs.

  3. Boost Problem-Solving Skills: Board climbing is like solving puzzles on the wall. Each hold presents a unique challenge, encouraging you to analyse sequences and plan efficient routes. Sharpen your problem-solving abilities both on and off the wall.

  4. Climb Outside Your Comfort Zone: Pushing your limits on the board translates to improved performance on regular climbing walls. You'll adapt to a variety of holds and angles, making you a more versatile and confident climber. The best learning and adaptations happen when the body and mind are stressed.

  5. Forge Mental Toughness: As you conquer intricate routes and demanding moves, you'll cultivate mental resilience. This mental toughness transfers to other aspects of climbing and life, empowering you to overcome challenges.

  6. Connect with the Climbing Community: Our workshop brings climbers together to share experiences and insights. You'll bond with like-minded individuals, exchange tips, and celebrate victories, fostering a strong sense of community.

Keep an eye out for more details about our Board Climbing Intro session in the next week.

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