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The Mini Climbing Works

In addition to the world-renowned Climbing Works, back in 2013 the three managing directors had a unique idea about opening a facility where parents and children could climb together. The idea came about when two of the managing directors became parents themselves and parenthood brought the idea into focus. They wanted to take their children climbing but the main centre was just not suitable for little ones.

The facility would also house all our regular clubs for kids in a exclusively made facility where reach would not be a factor in holding them back in their development. Before The Mini Works we were only able to have Saturday morning kids club as the main centre was just too busy to have them at any other times. Now we have climbing classes that run every evening and throughout the weekend. The Mini Works also provides even more climbing for adults too with grades reaching up to Font 7b!

The facility was made to ensure even non-climbing parents/guardians could come down and bring their children to climb. All they would have to do is a one-off 10-minute supervising safety induction at the start then their child is able to climb afterwards. Here they would not only learn how to keep the kids safe when bouldering but how to challenge their children so they can keep getting stronger and improving their technique.

Not only does The Mini Works have regular climbs graded between Font 3-7b but we also have a variety of wall angles, specialist competition style climbs, a splat board and an innovative training area called Monkey Space! Which makes it a perfect training venue for our own competitions squad. If that is not your bag, we have slides and top out Mini Boulders too!

Weekends The Mini Works is open 9:30am-6:00pm and Midweek we are open 10am-12pm and then again at 4pm-8pm. Our 10am-12pm slot is perfect for toddlers, as the centre is quiet since all the big kids are at school and one adult can supervise two U5s at this time. There is also the added perk of a free cuppa and squash too at this time too. At weekends are ratio is 1:1 for U5s and 1:2 for over 5s.

If you have a child that would love to start climbing, there is not a more perfect place than The Mini Works! We have classes that run everyday of the we

ek ranging from toddler age up until 17 years! 250 children come through our doors weekly to experience coached bouldering in a facility made just for them and that doesn’t include school and uniform groups who come down too.

The centre is open 7 days a week and is the perfect place for climbing families in Sheffield or to bring your child down to have a go!

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