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Registration for the 2024 Sheffield & Greater Sheffield Schools Bouldering competition is now open!


A fun, inclusive competition, offering a new experience for many who enter.

This year we are switching it up!! In order to keep with the ethos in which this competition was originally set up 14 years ago, this year we want to focus on participation, rather than competition. We want to see as many new climbers as we can, and offer this opportunity out to those who wouldn't normally have access to climbing, rather than those that already climb regularly.

Funding has been granted from SSELP in order to make this a participation event, so we kindly ask teachers to follow this criteria when selecting their participants.  If you have any questions about this, please email


If your students are experienced climbers, we still want to see them competing in our youth events later in the year. We have the Summer Youth Cup in June, and The Young Climbers Festival in August.

As we want as many new climbers entering this competition as possible, this year you will be able to book practice sessions prior to the qualification rounds. This means that your school can go into the qualification rounds feeling confident. These can be booked throughout November and December. 

CWIF scorecard.jpg

How does the competition work? 

  •  All registered schools will take part in a 2 hour qualification round booked during the January-February school term time. 

  • The top 10 Sheffield Primary and Secondary schools will be invited to take part in the FUN and FREE Sheffield final on the Thursday 28th March. 

  • The top 10 Greater Sheffield Primary and Secondary schools will be invited to take part in the FUN and FREE Greater Sheffield final on  Wednesday 27th March.

Qualification format

  • Each school will have 2 hours to try the qualification blocs (8-12 climbs) with points being scored on how many of the climbs get topped and the number of attempts. 

  • The top 6 scores from your school will be added up to give your school an overall score. Each school's score must include at least one male and female. 

  • Qualification rounds will end on the Friday 9th February and schools will be notified if they have made it to the final. 

How do we enter? ​
To enter a team you will need to register. 

Primary teams can be made up of year 5 and 6 pupils only.

Secondary teams can be made up of year 7, 8 and 9 pupils only.

All teams must have male and female competitors

Once you have registered you will be sent a link to book a qualification slot (please note this may take a few days to come through). Qualification slots can be booked for up to 18 climbers. If you require more, please book multiple slots or email me directly. The prices are based on teams of 6:

  • Up to 6 climbers - £84

  • Up to 12 climbers - £168

  • Up to 18 climbers - £252

If you wish to book in for a practice session prior to the qualification rounds, the prices are as follows.

​1 practice session (1.5 hours)

  • Up to 6 climbers - £75

  • Up to 12 climbers - £150

  • Up to 18 climbers - £225

​2 or more practice session (1.5 hours)

  • Up to 6 climbers - £66 per session

  • Up to 12 climbers - £132 per session

  • Up to 18 climbers - £198 per session


If you have any questions, please email

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