First Visit



Mini Works is currently operating with pre-booked time slots with some restrictions.  Supervisory Inductions have very limited availability for a single family group midweek at 10:30 and weekends at 16:00 - scroll down for details and booking.


Who is the Mini Works suitable for?

The Climbing Works offers facilities for all ages and abilities of climber, from children to adults and complete novices through to elite international athletes.  The Mini Works is aimed at children climbing under the supervision of registered adults and families with children who want to climb together, and it is also where we run the majority of our children's sessions.

If you are an adult/parent and are looking to only supervise children as they climb (maximum of 2 children per adult per visit, or 1 under 5 per adult (1 adult can supervise 2 U5s term time mid week ONLY) then you will most likely be wanting to visit The Mini Works.

(Not you? If you're an Adult or 14-17 year old wanting to climb read the First Visit page for the main Climbing Works instead.)


Adults With No Climbing Experience

You would will need to complete a Supervisory Induction to supervise children at the Mini Works only (not the main Climbing Works) - these have limited availability midweek at 10:30, 4.10pm 6.10pm and weekends at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. Alternatively you could arrange a private Adult Induction (full details here) - this would also allow you to climb yourself as well as supervise Novices at the main Climbing Works.


There are various booking options below to ensure that you do not book to attend with more Novices than you are able to supervise under our current limited capacities including 1:1 supervision of under 5s, so please take care to book with the correct option.  If you are in any doubt please call us to confirm you are picking the right one.


Experienced Adult Climbers

If you the supervising adult are a competent climber with recent indoor bouldering experience you can register as a member with out the need for an induction. Our staff will ask you a few questions to make sure they are happy with your climbing experience. 

Registration Fee: £3

Save time by completing a registration form in advance:
Registration form for experienced adult climbers (easiest to complete on a touch screen).

You can then sign in a maximum of two guests (adults or children) or one under 5, and supervise them at either the Mini Works or the Climbing Works.  Please see here for more details.

Current COVID-19 capacity limits mean we are using pre-booked time slots at the Mini Works - you can check how busy we are & book on to these sessions here.