Beastmaker 2000 Hangboard

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One of the hottest products around at the moment, the beastmaker fingerboard has become THE board to have if you're serious about your training. Designed by Ned (British Bouldering Champion) Feehally & Dan (8b) Varian, the beastmaker is NOT a fingerboard for beginners. It's a board for pushing your boundaries and getting ridiculously strong fingers.




Designed for those who are becoming "a bit keen" this is an uncompromising board for those that think jugs constitute large flat edges or 20 degree slopers.

Made in England from sustainable resources grown on trees, this wooden fingerboard has been sanded and built by careful hands to bring you a board of beauty. 

Dimensions: 58cm x 15cm

Weight: c.2.1kg (changes depending on wood used)

Everything you ever wanted to know about fingerboards - session plans, mounting one, how to use - all available on our beta section of our website

Fingerboard basics film to go with the training plans:


Advanced Fingerboard film:


  • 45 degree sloper
  • 35 degree sloper
  • 2 pad 3 finger
  • 2 pad mono
  • 1 pad 3 finger
  • 1 pad mono
  • 2 pad 2 finger
  • 1 pad 2 finger