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The new Benky Grip Wash is 4 times more concentrated than the original, so your 2.5L bottle is the equivalent of a pre 2012 10 litre one!



For anyone who works with any type of climbing wall, from small leisure centres to a massive bouldering centre, one of the most frustrating and annoying jobs is washing the holds. Benky Grip Wash makes that job much easier, removing the need for a power washer, thus saving power and water, and eliminating hours of repetitive work.

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Benky Grip Wash 2.5L

  • Mix GRIP WASH 1:8 with cold water.

    Immerse the holds in the washing liquid and ensure that all holds are covered with the liquid. After 5-15 minutes take the cleaned holds out of the GRIP WASH bath, allow the excess GRIP WASH  to drip off into another container and then rinse with cold water. Leave to dry.

    With one 2.5 Litre container of BENKY GRIP WASH you can clean up to 1250 holds.

    The price is inclusive of VAT. You will get charged at the checkout for delivery.

    If you wish to order for ROI please contact our friends at Gravity Climbing Centre as they hold stock

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