Amatsu at The Climbing Works

Amatsu at the climbing works 

Amatsu is a Japanese structural therapy which work by aligning all the structures of the body (bone, muscle, ligament, facia and viscera) to promote optimal function. The body moves out of alignment due to injury, repetitive strain, muscular imbalance, stress and even diet, these imbalances over time contribute to compromised movement which can lead to pain. By bringing the body back into balance, the body is able to heal damaged tissues optimising function. 

The benefits of Amatsu include:

  • Improved quality, range and efficiency of movement
  • Reduction in pain
  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Reduction in muscular tension
  • Injury prevention 

About me 

My name is Taz, I have been practicing Amatsu since 1998, helping people with a range of conditions from muscular skeletal problem (back backs, necks, knees, carpal tunnel etc) to headaches and IBS. Along the way I have gained qualifications in acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral therapy to name but a few, I also hold a BSc in sport and exercise science and a diploma in nutritional therapy (also available at the climbing works). I’m a keen climber and long distance walker. 

Amatsu for climbers 

I have treated several climbers including CWIF winners and finalist, both for the prevention and treatment of injury. I have also work with elite climbers and help them to climb their highest graded problem, as well as helping climbers return from long term injury. 

If you have an injury that is stopping you performing or simply want to keep injuries at bay I can help! 

Available on Tuesdays, initial sessions last 45 mins, follows are 30 minutes the cost is £35 payable in cash.

To book or for more information either call on 07838228342 or email 



"I had a session with Taz at the climbing works recently and I was so impressed! Although I hadn’t heard much about Amatsu, Taz explained to me step by step the process of the session. He tailored the session to my needs and areas that needed some focus. I walked away having learnt a lot and feeling realigned!"
Alice, climber

"I went to see Taz with pain and lack of mobility in my shoulder. During the session he found the issue and corrected it. He also worked on other problem areas. After the session I felt freer and more able to move. I have seen a difference in my climbing and training and now feel ready to push towards my goals."
Becca, climbing instructor