Unit E


This page has not been fully updated following changes implemented for our reopening on 25th July.  For the most up to date information please see our COVID Info page here.


What is it?

Unit E is a new part of the Climbing Works. Set in a new building opposite the main centre, Unit E was built and opened in December 2018 and provides many new facilities for our customers.  We're proud to announce that in August 2020 Unit E became the new home of GB Climbing (more on this here).

At the heart of Unit E is the climbing wall – designed and built to provide a world-class training facility for experienced climbers, with special emphasis on competition climbing. The large wall area is set by World Cup route setters, and features all the very latest holds and volumes that you see in the big international competitions. Unit E does not have any easy climbing (we have plenty of easier climbing in our other buildings; The Climbing Works & The Mini Works) and is tailored towards climbers who are looking to push their limits and progress, as well as providing an innovative and regularly reset training facility for elite international athletes.

Unit E also houses our new strength and conditioning gym – a large, purpose designed facility with a large stretching area, free weights, squat rack, pull-up bars, etc.

In addition, we also have a conference room, and a therapists treatment room, as well as changing rooms and toilets.

The climbing walls and gym facilities at Unit E can be used by any of our customers registered as Adult Unsupervised Climbers for no additional charge to your normal climbing rate.  14-17 year olds can use the climbing area (but not the strength and conditioning suite), as long as they are registered as a Junior Unsupervised Climber, have additional consent from their parent to use Unit E & must use the facilities with another climber for safety reasons.



Performance Climbing Area

This area houses a selection of competition style boulder problems typically characterised by larger holds, big volumes and harder more dynamic moves.  There is also a selection of slightly easier & more basic problems to climb as well as assist being able to down climb from the top of the wall.  Since August 2020 climbs in this area have been set by and for GB Climbing to facilitate the continued progression of GB Climbing Athletes; you can access this area to test yourself on the high quality boulder problems midweek from 5pm and 10am to 8pm at weekends.

There is also a 'splatter' board; a training board covered in large and small resin holds, designed to complement the Beastmaker Motherboard, Beastmaker 1000 & circuit boards in the main centre.  This provides a densely set section of wall where you can let your creativity run wild and set problems that work your weaknesses.

Public access times:

Midweek: 17:00 to 22:00

Weekends: 10:00 to 20:00


Strength & Conditioning Suite

10m x 8m strength & conditioning area comprising:

Squat racks & bench with Olympic bars and plates, prowler sled and run, kettle bells, gymnastic rings & mobility & stretching area.

Tim from Peak Pro Fitness hosts a number of classes (details here) in the space; during which time the gym is closed to other users.

The class is closed to centre users for weekly external classes between these times:

  • Currently closed to the public.


Multi Function Room

New 8m x 5m conference / multi function room accessible from both Unit E & The Mini Works.

Includes conference chairs & tables, also suitable for classes e.g. yoga.

Head HERE for more details.


Treatment Room

Spacious treatment room ideal for therapy treatments such as sports massage.

Includes chairs, massage table and shower.

Click HERE for details of regular practitioners or if you want to book to use it.