Annual membership Standing Order Information

A copy of this information will be given to you when you make your first payment for an annual membership.

The Climbing Works are happy to offer the option of paying for your Annual Membership by instalments. The first instalment is paid in cash (or by card or even cheque) when you sign up for the year. Subsequent payments must be made by Standing Order. Please remember that you are signing up for a minimum of one year – cancelling the membership after 3 months is not an option (exceptions for injury etc are allowed but please ask us first).


What is a standing order?

A Standing Order is set up and controlled by you. It is not a Direct Debit, we have no control over them. It is up to you to ensure it is set up correctly (and stopped if appropriate). Failure to set it up correctly may result in the cancellation of your Annual Membership.


How to set up your standing order

When you set up a Standing Order there are normally two references, one of these shows on our account, the other will show on your statement.. The reference for us should be your full name and your Climbing Works Membership number, for example we have more than one member called P Jones so we need a bit more detail!!! Also if the SO comes from an account that is not yours (e.g. a parent’s account) please tell us so we can keep track of your payments.


Our Bank Details

Please ask at reception for our bank details - we don't show them here as last time we did we found some Direct Debits disappearing from our account!


When Do I pay?

Please set up the payment date as the (monthly) anniversary of your joining date e.g. if you join as an Annual Member on the 3rd of the month we require payment on the 3rd of every month.


What happens at the end of the year?

If you wish to carry on with your Annual Membership after 12 months then you can just carry on with the SO payments, but please let us know as our database is not linked to our bank account and we have to adjust the expiry date on the database. If you are not carrying on with your Annual Membership then please remember to cancel your Standing Order.


If you do carry on your membership after a whole year then you can stop your membership at any time, you are not obliged to sign up for another full year. But if you do stop your Standing Order during this period please let us know.


As a quick reminder, the benefits of Annual Membership include:

  • Well the obvious one is you don’t have to give us money every time you come in!
  • 10% discount in the shop (excludes books, magazines or special offer items)