Local amenities

The Climbing Works is well served by all sorts of different local amenities, most of it in walking distance though you will need a car for some of them.

Cash point:

Just around the corner on Abbeydale Road (Lloyds) or a little further up Abbeydale Road at the big Tesco (less than 1 mile).


Up Abbeydale Road, heading out of town towards the Peak you have a Tesco 24 hour (less than 1 mile). Up Abbeydale Road then left at 1st lights (Archer Road) and follow round. Sainsburys (about 1 mile). There is also a Lidl near here

Down Abbeydale Road, towards town. A few Spar type places past the Broadfield. A Waitrose at the bottom of London Rd on the Inner Ring Road.

Petrol Station:

Up Abbeydale Road, towards The Peak. Tesco 24 hour (less than 1 mile). There is also one at the Sainsbury’s on Archer Road.


Lots of sandwich shops on Abbeydale Road, nearest is 100 yards. Various takeaways as well with the best being a proper kebab shop opposite the Broadfield which also offers good veggie pakora.


Well you pays yer money and you takes yer choice.

The Broadfield Pub - famous Pies and classic pub food

Picture House Social - Pizzas & snack food

Curry houses – lots in the surrounding area, ask our staff what they think. Most of them live around here and are curry experts. 

Italians. Bragazzi’s Deli - Abbeydale Road towards town, also a few on Chesterfield Road.

Vegetarian. KumQuat Mae, amazing vegetarian food. Most curry houses do lots of vegetarian stuff as do Italians etc.

Others. Have a look at Independent Sheffield which gives a detailed list and reviews of many small, but brilliant, Cafes and Restaurants in Sheffield


The Broadfield and the Picture House Social are probably the closest, down Abbeydale Road towards town. About 0.5 miles on the left. The Millhouse, maybe just as close but on Abbeydale round out of town. Various pubs on Chesterfield Road (the A61), again about 0.5 miles (further if driving). The Sheaf View, maybe a mile away and a common pub hunt of local climbers, excellent beer, no food though. Go left out of the gates, follow Little London Road until the lights, turn right, go to T junction and turn right then first left under the railway bridge. The Brothers is a relatively new pub (well new owners) that is just up the hill from the Sheaf. Good beer and they do pizzas on Friday nights.


Sheffield isn’t as well served by hotels as many big cities. All of the budget chains have hotels but they are generally in the city centre. There is a good hotel in Nether Edge (the Kenwood Hall onKenwood Road, S7). There are numerous small independent hotels, guesthouses and B&B’s in Nether Edge, particularly around Washington Road S11 (do a google search)

Climbing shops:

The nearest climbing shop is at The Climbing Works!! but if you want nuts, ropes, harnesses etc we recommend a trip to either Crag X at The Foundry or Outside at Hathersage. For cheap deals there is also Decathlon in town and Go Outdoors (aka CCC) near Bramall Lane.