Car Parking

Parking is limited!

If possible try to get here by walking, running, cycling, or by public transport!  There is a useful journey planner on The First Bus website here.  If you really have to drive then try to arrange lift sharing - it'll save fuel and it'll make it easier to park!  Don't forget that The Climbing Works operates a green travel policy, and we'll give you a free cup of tea or instant coffee if you leave your car at home and come to the wall on public transport or under your own steam!


Centenary Works business park parking:

There are a limited number of parking spaces outside both The Climbing Works and The Mini-Works that are free to use at any time; these are marked in green below.

The other spaces belong to different businesses in the Centenary Works car park.  Our customers are able to use some of these spaces at agreed times (when it won't disrupt these other businesses), so please abide by the times stated otherwise it may jeopardise these agreements.


Parking Oct 2019 for web



External car parking

If the car park is full then see below for alternative places to park:


Please be considerate where you park outside the business park!

Recently there have been Police CSOs giving out parking fines where they feel that traffic on the roads and pavements is being obstructed increasing the risk of an accident.

Red areas - please do not park here at any time; these are either double yellows, dangerously obstruct traffic on the corners or frequently lead to local residents or businesses being blocked in.

Orange areas are residential streets; please avoid parking here as it upsets local residents.

Yellow areas are OK at any time, but take care to avoid obstructing the road or pavement.

Green areas are excellent places to park!  They are still only a short walk away (approx 200m) and won't lead to you upsetting local residents or blocking the road.

Areas B & C can be used in the times stated in the map.  The business owners have very kindly agreed their usage outside of their working hours.  Area B - Sorby's Tools parking is the roadside area opposite the Mini Works, NOT the small triangular park park which should be avoided at all times.  Area C is the marked bays belonging to Sheffield Prestige & Yob Golf, which can be used in evening & weekends.

If you are still struggling, or are in for a long session, try the Tesco overflow car park just 800m further up Abbeydale Rd.