Green Works

Good to be Green

As climbers, more than a lot of other sporting groups, we see the environmental effect that climate change has had on the places we visit. We can see the receding glaciers & disappearing alpine rock faces that no longer hold the classics of old. As boulderers, we may not see the environmental effects so close to hand, but climate change effect us all and although no Patagonia, The Climbing Works tries to do its small bit to help.


90% of our paper, cardboard & plastic that we receive either through mail, packaging or office waste.

The Works has a number of recycling bins around the centre for plastics and cans. These are all recycled by a local company.

We stopped selling bottled water and instead invested in a water fountain so our customers can refill their old bottles.

Green Transport Policy

Anyone who walks, cycles or takes the bus to The Climbing Works can claim a cup of builder's tea or instant coffee for 50p for their effort. We also encourage car sharing and for those with full occupancy we will also happily give you a free cup of tea or coffee (min 4 persons in a car!).


Taking care of your environment does not only mean climate change and global issues, it also means your local crag or foreign holiday destination. As bouldering has grown in popularity, the boulders and the surrounding land have taken a heavy toll.  We fully support the BMC's bouldering 10 commandments and encourage all our customers to do the same.