Schools and Groups

We run a range of climbing activities and special days for school and uniform groups all designed to build team work and improve communication within the groups.

There are three main areas in which children will benefit from climbing:
1) Fitness benefits: Climbing improves cardiovascular fitness and utilises strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.
2) Mental benefits: Working out how to climb a problem requires concentration and focus, climbing develops these skills.
3) Social benefits: Climbing is a very sociable sport.  Groups can help solve each problem with encouragement, communication and teamwork.

Bouldering over a period of time will help make children healthier, well balanced and more focused on school and life. Climbing is a sport that you can get into at any age and  continue on into retirement. Its sociable aspects help build up social skills, improving children’s ability to communicate and work with people of all ages. Many climbers wish they had started when they were younger - now there are opportunities available for this to happen.

The Climbing Works run a variety of sessions tailored for school and groups and clubs from one-off tasters to half-day team building sessions. All sessions are run by our qualified coaches.

Primary Schools

NIBAS / Mountain Day / Tasters / Ice breakers / After School


NIBAS / Team Building / Junior Memberships / P.E / Enrichment


Sheffield schools competition

Annual / Primary / Secondary

SEN Groups

Weekly / One - Off / Schools / Clubs


uniformed and youth groups

Tasters / NIBAS / Junior Memberships