1:1 Coaching

The Climbing Works coaching team can offer a more personalised session tailored to suit your ability and goals.

What we offer in our 1:1 sessions

Your initial session will be largely based on the coach select a wide variety of problems to test your climbing skills based on your questionnaire. Throughout the session you will be given helpful tips, exercises and advice to help you improve weakness areas.

From watching you climb, your coach will then be able to identify weaknesses within your psychological, physical and technical ability on the wall. They will give you feedback on how you can continue moving forward with your climbing and at the end of the session you will have personal climbing goals and achievement strategies.

After your first session you may wish to continue seeing your coach on a regular or semi-regular basis to work on your personal goals. These can be arranged directly with your coach after your initial session.

Please fill in the attached questionnaire and send to michelle@climbingworks.com

Cost: £30 (+ normal entrance fee)
Duration: 1 hour

6 Week training programme

All climbers who wish to have a training programme will need to have a initial 1:1 session with your coach (all included in the package price below).   Once you have completed the initial session you and your coach will sit down and have a review of your performance. If the coach and you agree that training is the next step for you to progress will a training programme be delivered.

The coach will organise another 1:1 session to run through the training programme that will be written and tailored to meet your goals.

If you are unsure whether you think a training programme maybe suitable for you, here are some recommended guidelines to meet:

  • Be over 18 Years old
  • Have a minimum of 2 years climbing experience
  • Must not be recovering from a recent finger, elbow or shoulder injury (unless the training is specifically aimed at recovery of finger, elbow or shoulder)
  • Have a good all round technical climbing level of Font 7a (min)

Cost: £90 (includes an initial 1:1 session, training session with your coach (please read details above) and a 6 week training programme tailored to your goals)


Between them; our four coaches have a wide spectrum of coaching, climbing, training and competition experiences, enabling them to offer coaching for beginners through to competition climbers. Click on the coaches head to read more about them.


Senior Coach - SAM WHiTTAKER

“A gritstone master and the most psyched climber you will ever meet”










Senior Coach - David Mason

“Dedicated boulderer and coach of the British Womens Bouldering Team”










Senior Coach - lucinda whittaker (formerly hughes)

“A hugely experienced coach in all disciplines of climbing from bouldering and lead climbing to competition climbing”












Coach - tom greenall

“Trad, Sport and Bouldering all rounder, technique master and new school coach”