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Novices, whether inexperienced over 14s (including adults) or any under 14 must be supervised at all times while using our centres.

They can be supervised by:

  • Centre staff on pre-booked coached sessions in The Climbing Works or The Mini Works

  • An Adult Unsupervised Climber can supervise both adult and under 18 Novices in The Climbing Works or The Mini Works

  • An Adult Supervisor can supervise under 18 Novices in The Mini Works only

Supervision ratios

Our standard supervision ratio is 1 Adult Unsupervised Climber or Supervisor to 2 Novices aged 5 up, or 1 under 5 Novice.  This includes non-climbing Novices (e.g. babies) as they still require supervision

We offer a limited selection of sessions 


Adults and over 14s with sufficient recent relevant climbing experience are able to register to use our centres without the supervision of centre staff or an experienced adult.

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