Beastmaker 1000 Hangboard

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Beastmaker 1000

The 1000 series fingerboard is the entree to the beastmaker range. It has been as ergonomically designed as possible to allow the hands of people relatively new to training to get used to the shock of the new. Whether you're climbing font 6a or 7c (one-arm deadhangs anyone) this is a great fingerboard. 

This is the hangboard for you if you're new to fingerboard training and want to get serious. 

Not sure how to start using it? Here's a Fingerboard training plan to go along with the Beastmaker 1000 hangboard.

1000 series

The 1000 series does not have the monos and other nasties of the 2000, replaced by some hallelujah jugs as well as greater 3 finger and 2 finger pocket depths.All the grips are standardised depths and angles which are designed to be progressed through like an education system for the fingers. Made in England from sustainable resources, this wooden fingerboard has been sanded and built by careful hands to bring you a board of beauty.


More Info

Measurements: 58cm x 15cm

Weight: c.2.1kg (changes with wood used)


Everything you ever wanted to know about fingerboards - session plans, mounting one, how to use - all available on our beta section of our website


Fingerboard basics film to go with the training plans:



Hold 1 – Large jug

Hold 2 – Small edge

Hold 3 – Large edge

Hold 4 – Medium edge

Hold 5 – 35degree sloper

Hold 6 – deep 2 finger pocket

Hold 7 – Shallow 2 finger pocket

Hold 8 – Deep 3 finger pocket

Hold 9 – Shallow 3 finger pocket

Hold 10 – Big flat slot