Rab CWIF 2017 Wall Closures

10 Mar 2017

THE RAB CWIF 2017 - Wall closures & info


The Climbing Works - CLOSED ALL DAY to non-competitors.

The Mini Works - Open as usual.


CWIF Timetable for Saturday:

Open Doors (registration)              08.00

CWIF: Qualifying Session 1           09.00 to 12.00

CWIF: Qualifying Session 2           13.00 to 16.00

CWIF: Qualifying Session 3           17.00 to 20.00



The Climbing Works - Partial wall closures all day & early closing for non finalists at 5pm.

  - Wall closures will include Scarpa Skips & Rab Wall until after Semi Finals, & Berghaus Comp Wall, walls opposite the Comp Wall, part of training area (inc Campus board) all day.

The Mini Works - Early closing at 5pm.

Entry price max £5.50 at both centres on Sunday due to partial closures in main centre.


CWIF Timetable

Wall Opens                                  10.00

Iso for Semis Closes                  11.00

CWIF: Semi Final                        12.00 to 14.30

BBQ                                               15.00ish

Iso for Finals Closes (at MW)   17.30

CAC Presentation                      18.00

CWIF: Final                                  18.30 to 20.30


Circuits down

The Red, Yellow, Blue & Murple circuits will be down for CWIF to leave more wall space.  These will go back up next week, with the Red CWIF Qualification circuit staying up after the competition.  The others will go up next week with Blues replacing the Reds, and Yellows & Murples similar to normal.


See here for Spectator Info!


Rab CWIF Sponsor Hub

We'll have a sponsor area right outside reception over the weekend.  Here there'll be space to hang out and pick up some right bargains!

Rab will be in attendance with a 1/2 price sale including down jackets and climbing clothing.

Scarpa will also have some great deals on shoes as usual!


For more info about The Rab CWIF 2017 please head here.

The Climbing Works