Sheffield - The Outdoor City

20 Jun 2016

In 2015, Sheffield City Council launched an initiative to identity itself as The Outdoor City. From the very start The Climbing Works has been a strong supporter of this project as it builds on Sheffield's already incredible heritage of offering a multiple of outdoor sports within the city boundaries (and onwards into the the Peak District). More than just about activities, the Outdoor City also brings together the many small & medium size businesses that support these sports and we are proud to be a representative on The Outdoor City 100 - a group of key enthusiasts, businesses, groups and clubs that will help the council with advice and consultation as the project continues to build momentum.


The Climbing Works was happy to be part of the first 'The Weekender' in March 2016 with The Rab CWIF being a key event within this inaugural 2 day outdoor festival. The weekend proved to be a phenomenal success with not only climbing getting a boost but also cycling and running events taking place within the city, showcasing what can happen when all the sports come together.




As an 'indoor' wall, many may say how can we say we are part of the outdoors? The easy answer is that this facility only exists because of the love of climbing outdoors from the owners and staff and the wish to have a World class facility for indoor and outdoor climbers within Sheffield. Almost ten years after opening we are a big a part of the outdoor lifestyle in not only supporting those who climb outside but being a first point of contact for those unfamiliar with what lies on their doorstep. We cater for young children to those young at heart and hope that everyone who comes through our doors for the first time will get a taste of this outdoor lifestyle and be encouraged to explore further.

The Outdoor City is not just about attracting people to our city but getting our city people active and aware of what is available on your doorstep. Whether you are a climber, runner or a dog walker, Sheffield offers so much to enjoy. As part of the project The Outdoor City has launched a great website that can allow you to find out about some of the most best know jewels in Sheffield's crown, whilst also discovering hidden gems.  


We would love our customers and members to use this resource and encourage their friends that may not know about Sheffield's outdoor reputation to dive in and explore. The Outdoor City project is just starting to grow but with the support of its population and businesses it can grow to become something to be truly proud off.