Sheffield Schools Bouldering Competition 2015

18 Apr 2015

As the solar eclipse was at its peak on Friday 20th March, The Climbing Works, Thornbridge Outdoors and the Links School Sports Partnership were preparing to host the 2015 Sheffield School’s Bouldering Competition.

With another fantastic turn out, the annual event saw The Mini Works bustling with of over 120 pupils from local Primary, Secondary and SEN schools. All were competition to earn the title of “Sheffield Bouldering School Champions”.

Last year’s champions Norfolk Primary and Bradfield School were hoping to retain their title for a 2nd year. Read about last years competition here

For the weeks prior to the competition, schools would bring their teams to The Mini Works for their pre competition preparation session. Most schools bring pupils with little or no climbing experience, the preparation session enables these pupils to have a coaching session prior to the competition were the safety rule, competition format and climbing techniques are explained.

The morning kicked off with the Primary Schools. Competitors had 15 specifically set climbs to test their teamwork and communication, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.

Climbers would receive 10 points if they completed the climb on their first attempt, 7 points 2nd attempt and 5 points 3rd attempt.  The ‘crux’ move is marked with a bonus hold. If competitors reach this point but fail to reach the top they can still receive 3 points.

photo 5

photo 1

The Primary competition well under way


Results - Full primary results can be found here

Male Individual

1st Dylan Turner - Norton Free

2nd Lucian James - Rowan School

3rd Connal Sinha -  Nether Edge

photo 2-2

Dylan receiving his Core Climbing gold medal and goody bag from our generous sponsors


Female Individual

1st Francis Harris = Norton Free

2nd Honey Jones = Nether Edge

3rd Rosie Marshall = Norton Free

photo 4-2

Francis receiving her gold medal


Team Results

1st Norton Free

2nd Nether Edge

3rd Walkley

photo 1-2

Walkley Primary thrilled with their 3rd place

photo 5-1

Nether Edge Primary coming a close 2nd

photo 4-1

Norton Free C of E Primary 2015 Primary School Champions


The afternoon sees a slightly different format for the Secondary Schools. Teams have 10 qualification problems to try and complete using the same scoring system as the Primary’s. At the end of qualifications the top 3 male and female climbers go head to head in a final.

photo 2-1

photo 1-1

Secondary Qualifications


This year the 3 top female climbers all scored a perfect 100 in the qualifications making for a very close and exciting climax to the day.

The finals consist of an extra 3 climbs.  Each competitor has 3 minutes to complete the climb in as few attempts as possible. After a few minutes to review each climb and discuss beta the finalists are put into isolation unable to watch the other climbers and therefore testing not only their nerves but their route reading skills. Winners are determined by the most tops in the least amount of attempts.

photo 1-4

The finalists in isolation

The girl’s finals were close to the very last problem. Asha Kiggins (Tapton) kept the pressure on her fellow competitors finishing her finals with 2 tops in 2 attempts. Both Pippa Watkin (Bradfield) and Katy Palmer (Tapton) had been neck and neck throughout the competition flashing the first two problems and so it was all to play for on the 3rd climb.

photo 3-4

Asha on her way to flashing female problem 3


With an unlucky slip Katy managed to top out her 3rd climb on her second attempt putting the pressure on Pippa who would have to flash it to win.An experienced competitor and member of the GB junior climbing team, Pippa handle herself well as she worked her way through the tricky start and top out on her first attempt winning the overall title.


The boys had 3 very tricky final problems with big dynamic moves, delicate manoeuvres and small crimpy holds. Ben Talbot (Bradfield) and Jonathan Heine (Tapton) battled hard on all 3 problems reaching the bonus or tops on 2 out of the 3 climbs and claimed 3rd and 2nd respectfully. Tom Lee (Tapton) was unbeatable this year as he flashed all his qualification and finals claiming his individual title.

photo 2-4

Ben Talbot on Male Final 2


Results - Full Secondary results can be found here

Male Individual

1st Tom Lee (Tapton)

2nd Jonathan Heine (Tapton)

3rd Ben Talbot (Bradfield)

photo 5-2

The Male Individual Results


Female Individual

1st Pippa Watkin (Bradfield)

2nd Katy Palmer (Tapton)

3rd Asha Kiggins (Tapton)


Pippa receiving her 1st place medal


Team Results

1st Tapton

2nd Bradfield

3rd Hinde House

photo 1-3

Hinde House receiving their 3rd place

photo 2-3

Bradfield Team 2nd place


photo 3-2

Tapton School 2015 Secondary School Champions


Well done to everyone who took part, it was another fantastic competition. Thank you to the schools, teachers, parents and volunteers from Links SSP, Thornbridge and The Climbing Works, without you all we would not be able to run the event.


And to the amazing sponsors; Core Climbing for providing the super cool medals and trophies and Wild country, Dmm, Alpkit, Go Outdoors, Five Ten and North Face who provided enough prizes and goody bags for all the competitors to enjoy.


Article Written by Michelle Forrest



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