A CAC Movember

28 Oct 2014 11:51

Climbers Against Cancer (CAC) is a charity that is very close to us here at The Climbing Works and we are always thinking of different ways to try and raise further funds for this great cause. Historically we've had big fundraising pushes at The CWIF as well as always having CAC buckets for loose change at reception as well as selling the very popular CAC T-Shirts in our shop (with 100% of the cost going to CAC).

The idea:
This November we're hijacking / complementing / supporting the Movember cause as a way of raising funds for CAC. If you've not heard of Movember, a quick summary is that Men grow (generally very bad ) moustaches as a way of raising funds and awareness towards Mens health, in particular prostate and testicular cancer.
The idea started off with 2 guys having a beer in Australia in 2003 and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon which raises countless millions for research, but more importantly, increases public awareness and education while reducing the stigma of Men talking about their health issues.

The Movember foundation has a wealth of information on why & what they do and you can read all about it on the Movember website. You can also watch this fantastic TED talk by one of the original founders on YouTube below:


CAC & Mo's:
The history and ideas of the Movember foundation cross over and shares a lot with the vision and history of Climbers Against Cancer. Founded by John Ellison, CAC firmly gives two fingers to Cancer and has grown from a tiny idea to a worldwide cause supported widely by the international climbing community. You can read all about it's history, the donations it has given to research and the effect it has on the climbing scene on the CAC website.

So this November we, The Climbing Works staff and cheeses will be partaking in a bit of hair growth to raise funds for CAC. From the 1st November, you will see the buckets as normal at the reception desk and there will be a limited edition t-shirt for sale also (see below). We just ask that you support the bad facial hair by throwing your change (and notes) into the buckets. You can also donate online on the CAC website.


What you can do:
If you are a climber here and want to grow a Mo to support the cause and raise funds from friends then please do. In exchange we are happy to give those growing Mo's half-price hot drinks throughout the month of November.
There are some rules to follow if you are growing a Mo and these can be found on the Movember foundation website here.

If you are a Female and are feeling left out, don't worry, you can participate too. The Movember website has some great ideas on becoming a Mo Sista and your support is very much appreciated and incredibly important. If you are a Mo widower (your significant other is taking part) we are very happy to also over you half-price hot drinks throughout the month of November. Just point at his Mo when ordering drinks at the cafe counter.

We would like to spread this beyond The Climbing Works and would love other climbing walls to come on board and have their staff & customers take part. If you are a regular at another wall, maybe give them a nudge or send them the link to this blog. The more Mo's, the more money for CAC.

Thanks for being part of The Climbing Works and supporting CAC.