Weekly Updates - April 2014

15 Apr 2014 Round Up from the Sheffield School Bouldering Championships 2014

On Friday 4th April The Mini Works was packed full of over 100 excited pupils from 16 local Primary and Secondary schools all competing for the title of Sheffield Schools Bouldering Champion.

The Sheffield Schools Bouldering Competition is not all about the competing and winning, for many it is about participation, fun and experiencing a new activity.

Most teams are made up of pupils that have very little or no previous climbing experience. Before the competition day, teams have a practice session at The Mini Works where safety, basic climbing techniques and competition rules are explained.


The Primary Schools competed in the morning on 14 specifically set boulder problems. Competitors receiving 10 points if they completed the climb on their first attempt, 7 points 2nd attempt and 5 points 3rd attempt.  The ‘crux’ move is marked with a bonus hold. If competitors reach this point but fail to reach the top they can still receive 3 points.

It’s always amazing how natural children find the art of climbing, not only did the pupils impress volunteers, parents and teachers but also special guest The Lord Mayor who came to present prizes.




1st Declean Anderson (Fir Hill)

2nd Lucien James (Rowan School)

3rd Aston Thompson (St Thomas of Canterbury)



1st Libby Akid (Norfolk Park)

2nd Shyan leary (Norfolk Park)

3rd Leah Ailmore (Norfolk Park)



1st Norfolk Park

2nd Firs Hill

3rd Prince Edwards


Full scores for the Primary round can be found here.


The afternoon was the Secondary Schools opportunity to shine. They had 10 problems to climb with the same 10 / 7 /5 point system and then a super final would determine the winners of the top 3 placed male and female competitors. After the qualification round we had 5 pupils scoring the full 100 points and the 6th on 95 points.


Competitors had 2 minutes on each of the 3 final climbs and the winner determined by who completed the most climbs in the least attempts.

The final is always a fantastic spectacle for on lookers and a great display of determination, perseverance and encouragement from both competitors and team mates.



1st Toby Chan (Notre Dame)

2nd Thomas Shaw (Notre Dame)

3rd Thomas Doyle (Notre Dame)



1st Pippa Watkin (Bradfield)

2nd Erin Moore (Bradfield)

3rd Ettie Warren (King Edwards VII)



1st Bradfield

2nd Notre Dame

3rd King Edwards VII


Full scores for the Secondary round can be found here.

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part and a massive thank you to pupils, teachers, parents, sponsors and our fantastic volunteers. The best Schools competition yet!

 Once again the event was organised through Thornbridge Outdoors, Links School Sport Partnership and The Climbing Works and sponsored by some of the biggest names in the outdoor and climbing business.

The North Face, Alpkit, Wild Country, DMM and 5:10 who provide some amazing prizes as well as Beastmaker and Core who made custom made medals and trophies.

Also a big thank you to Nick Brown Media. There will be more photo's to come.

If you are interested in taking part next year please pass on your contacts to michelle@climbingworks.com

The Mini Works

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