Young WADS crush at BRYCS

15 Mar 2014

The Climbing Works' WAD team have been begun their 2014 competition season, here is a little write up from one of our young WADS Emily Hall (11yrs) on our teams first competition of the year - Round 1 of the The BMC's youth climbing Series.

For any young climbers who are interested in competition climbing information of events can be found on The BMC website

"Hi my name is Emily Hall and I train in the climbing team known as the WADS. This January I competed in the first round of the BMC Youth Climbing Series, the BRYCS. The BRYCS is a friendly competition held in lots of regions each with 3 rounds.

After the third round the top 3 climbers in each category go to Ratho and compete against the most talented climbers in the UK. This year I was in group C (the groups range from E to A, youngest being 7, oldest 17).

For the first time ever the competition was held at Awesome Walls in Sheffield. Throughout each group we had lots of WADS to cheer each other on, this is one of the reasons I love climbing! As well as seeing familiar faces, we also saw new people.

This year I was leading for the first time in a competition which was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time! In the competition we have to do three rope climbs and three boulders, but they're not always in the right order as we just take whichever climb is free."

Emily showing us her skills

Emily showing us her skills


Emily with some of her fellow WAD team mates


If you are interested in the results go to the website and click on Youth Climbing Series 2014.

Watch out for round 2's write up to come.


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