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17 Mar 2014 16:28 The CWIF: A Brief Report

The Climbing Works International Festival is over for another year and we believed it was the best yet. A record turnout of competitors was followed by a record crowd at both the Semi-Finals and Finals. Those present were treated to a fantastic display of bouldering from both the Men & Women. We will get a full report live in the next few days but in the meantime you can see all the scores from the qualifiers here and all the scores from the Semi's & Finals here & below.
You can see a selection of photos from Oli Scarff below and a wider selection from our own superb photographer Dom Worrall on his website with more to come over the next few days.

Female Final Results

Male Final Results





The CWIF 2014 Female champion Shauna Coxsey. Ph. Oli Scarff


 Ph. Oli Scarff


 Ph. Oli Scarff



Ph. Oli Scarff

You can also see a range of photo's over the weekend on our Instagram account. There is a few 'behind the scenes' snaps in there from the competitors which are well worth a look

15 Mar 2014 Young WADS crush at BRYCS

The Climbing Works' WAD team have been begun their 2014 competition season, here is a little write up from one of our young WADS Emily Hall (11yrs) on our teams first competition of the year - Round 1 of the The BMC's youth climbing Series.

For any young climbers who are interested in competition climbing information of events can be found on The BMC website

"Hi my name is Emily Hall and I train in the climbing team known as the WADS. This January I competed in the first round of the BMC Youth Climbing Series, the BRYCS. The BRYCS is a friendly competition held in lots of regions each with 3 rounds.

After the third round the top 3 climbers in each category go to Ratho and compete against the most talented climbers in the UK. This year I was in group C (the groups range from E to A, youngest being 7, oldest 17).

For the first time ever the competition was held at Awesome Walls in Sheffield. Throughout each group we had lots of WADS to cheer each other on, this is one of the reasons I love climbing! As well as seeing familiar faces, we also saw new people.

This year I was leading for the first time in a competition which was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time! In the competition we have to do three rope climbs and three boulders, but they're not always in the right order as we just take whichever climb is free."

Emily showing us her skills

Emily showing us her skills


Emily with some of her fellow WAD team mates


If you are interested in the results go to the website www.indoorsout.co.uk and click on Youth Climbing Series 2014.

Watch out for round 2's write up to come.


The Climbing Works

10 Mar 2014 19:39 The CIWF is here

This weekend see the return of The Climbing Works International Festival for its 8th year. This year is lining up to be the biggest CWIF yet with 350 competitors signing up within 2.5 days and a mega list of international superstars competing against the best of Britain.

If you've not already watched it, check out the trailer for this weekend below:

The CWIF 2014 Preview from The Climbing Works on Vimeo.

We've got a list of competitors and session times ready so whether you're competing or just wondering who will be here this Saturday, check out the full list here>>

Remember there is NO cost to enter The CWIF but you do have to pay your normal entrance fee to The Climbing Works. 
N.B. If you're not a member here already you will have to pre-pay the £3 registration fee and fill in some paperwork which you can do on the day or email us for pdf's. If you're a junior, please remember to fill in the parental consent form or you will not be allowed to climb at The CWIF.
If you're competing in The CWIF you will have already received an email asking you to check sessions and all your details. If you are no longer competing and are still on the above list, please let us know as we have a waiting list of people wanting to take part.

Going big in the Finals of The CWIF 2013

To say we've been blown away by the response this year is an understatement. 2.5 days to fill all the spaces and pleas from people to come down and compete. We're also expecting a big crowd to watch the Semi's & Grand Final on Sunday so if you're planning to come down, make sure you're here early. Read below for a general overview of timings across the weekend. We'll also be webcasting the Semi's & Finals on the Sunday so if you can't make it. You can watch it by going to thecwif.com. Saturday qualifiers won't be webcast but we will be keeping people informed of what is happening on our Twitter& Facebook pages.

8am: Registration opens
9am: AM session begins
12.30pm: AM session ends
2pm: PM session begins
5.30pm: PM session ends
6pm: Wall closes
*times subject to change

As always, we will have a very nice prize for the best fancy dressed team in The CWIF. Competitions should always be fun!

Remember that the main centre is closed for climbing to non-competitors on the Saturday. People are welcome to come watch but there is no seating and you will have to remain off the mats at all times.
Throughout the weekend we will have Scarpa in attendance who will be doing special deals on the Scarpa Stix and the Margarita Approach shoe. We will announce even more special CWIF offers closer to the day.
The Mini-Works will be open from 9.30am and will close at 8pm on Saturday night so you can climb in here if you need a fix.





Reigning female champion Shauna Coxsey in the Finals of The CWIF 2013


10am: Doors open
Noon: Semi-Finals begin
2.30pm: Semi-Finals end
2.30/3pm: FREE BBQ
5pm: Wall closes to climbing
6pm: Final begins
8pm: Award ceremony
*times subject to change

The main Works will be open to public climbing but there will be parts of the wall closed off due to isolation and seating needs. We will have a flat £5 concession entry charge over both centres. The qualifiers will be up so you can come and have a go on the Sunday. The Mini-Works will be open as normal on Sunday. We will close the main wall at 5pm to climbing as we are expecting a big crowd for the Final. We will have a screen up in here for people to watch on if you come down and don't get a good seat - you can still be part of the atmosphere.

We will be raising money for CAC and British Heart Foundation this year and in exchange for your moolah we will be giving away a lof of freebies from our sponsors (Adidas, Berghaus & Scarpa). Estimating around £2-3,000 worth of freebies for those coming down to watch. We will also be having a very special raffle with 2 x grand prizes. The prizes will be announced over the next few days but the pot is a big one. Make sure you bring your cash down to buy lots of tickets for a great cause.



Keep an eye on the website & our  Twitter & Facebook pages for more info as we head towards the weekend.

Watch highlights from last 2013 CWIF to see what to expect:

CWIF 2013: Highlights Film from The Climbing Works on Vimeo.



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