Peak Rock Book Launch: Review

9 Dec 2013 10:35

The Peak Rock book launch lived up to its expectations of an entertaining evening and if you were there, I'm sure the night will live long in the memory. If you weren't here for it...well, you missed something special. To get an idea of the grand evening we've got some links to a couple of blogs written about the night plus some photos below. If you are wondering, yes, they are boxing gloves that all the Peak 'heavyweights' are wearing as they came up on stage....

Read Keith Sharples take on the night on his blog here>>
Read Jon Barton's report of the evening on Vertebrate Publishing blog here>>

The book itself is something very special and we are quickly running out of copies. You can purchase yours in the shop or online here>> A big thanks to all those involved who helped make it a very unique evening.

All photos below courtesy of Keith Sharples



 Ron Fawcett is first up onstage, ready to do battle with Niall "he's not from around here" Grimes.



 Drinks supplied all evening by the wonderful waiter, Mark Leach. 



 Jerry takes to the stage with Tina Turners 'Simply the Best' playing on the sound system.





 The Boss himself, John Allen, ventures forth to the ring with a special coach behind him.





 A light-hearted evening of banter and stories left all with smiles on their faces



A truly unique moment. Steve Bancroft playing some tunes to the crowd during the intermission.