Done in a Day

21 Nov 2013 15:55

It's been a very busy day in here so I thought it would be best to summarize everything in one blog post.

This morning the boys got to work on the Masters wall creating this mess:

And by 4pm it looked like this:

We've replaced the old plywood with new and improved plywood. This wall will be out of action for the next 10days as it will get a very special paint job starting Monday.

On top of this we also stripped the Purple & Pink Spotty circuit today. We'll be replacing this with another delivery that we received this week - new Bleaustone holds shown below. More Purple & a Pink spot than spots...

Also arriving today has been the very special Peak Rock Book. We'll get the pre-orders on the special edition out ASAP (you will receive this if you pre-bought online) and we'll have the normal copy in the shop by tomorrow afternoon. You will be able to buy the book (and get it signed if you're lucky) on the book launch on Sunday 1st Dec. There is less than 30 tickets left so get your ticket online ASAP. We also received yesterday a delivery of the finest Arc'teryx beer for the Peak Rock launch night.

This was not the only delivery we've received over the last few days either. We also received tickets for our 7th Birthday party which will be held on Friday 13th December, the same night as the 2nd round of our Winter Bouldering league. Tickets are now available for FREE from reception. Get thrashed on the Berghaus comp wall and then go....have a dance.


So there you go. A busy few days in the Works.