Winter Bouldering League R1: Results, Prizes & Pics

20 Nov 2013 15:43

Round 1 of the Evolv Climbing Works Winter Bouldering League took place on Friday 15th November. The setters came up with a wide range of problems to test the skills of any boulderer. The results are now available to view, by pdf, on this link>>

Each round we will have a number of spot prizes up for grabs for those who hand their scorecard back in at the end of the night. There was 5 winners from this first round, announced below:

1 pair of Evolv shoes of your choice: Pete Miles
Metolious Boulder Bucket: Lucy Englert
Evolv Boulder Bucket: Danaan Markay
Evolv Chalkbag: Harry Waller
Metolious Chalkbag: Pippa Watkin

You can pick your prizes up from reception. Remember, taking part in both our own Winter Bouldering League and the Foundry's Winter league makes you eligible for a big bin of prizes that will be dished out after the last round in February.

The next round of the series will be held on Friday 13th December, the same evening of the Works Birthday party at Club Fez in town. You can get wrecked on the Berghaus Comp wall and then ....


You can see a whole range of photos from the first round on our Google+ page and a few choice photos below