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25 Nov 2013 17:45 Peak Rock Book Launch: Timings

The Peak Rock Book launch has now sold out. If you are lucky enough to have a ticket for this Sunday; you can read below all the information you need to know:

Doors to the main event will open at 8pm but we've added something special to the evening's fun by deciding to have a pre-event event. This will be in the Mini Works from 7-8pm and will be a social led affair where you can come down, meet the authors, your mates, long ago climbing partners and generally have a catch-up. The book will be available to buy and with the great & the good in attendance this will be a great opportunity to get it signed by your Peak climbing hero. There will be music & beer provided by The Climbing Works and Arc'teryx (very special ltd edition beer bottles) which will be FREE for the crowd (but maybe throw some money into the charity boxes for good karma). Tea, coffee & hot chocolate can all be purchased from the cafe at the Mini & main Works.

Main Event:
As it will be the start of December and the Climbing Works is essentially a big warehouse we encourage you to wrap up warm for the event.
We open the main Climbing Works. Everyone who has bought a ticket will be on our list and we will get you into the centre as quickly as possible. Seating will be on a first come basis so be in the queue to get the best seats. Anyone at the Mini-Works will be able to pre-sign in but must still queue at 8pm (we have to make sure the Works is empty of climbing customers) but once in through the door you can speed onwards to grab seats.

The main event. The authors will give a short intro and tell the story behind the book. This will be followed by Niall 'the midget' Grimes taking the stage and interviewing each of the 4 peak legends we have for the show: Ron Fawcett, John Allen, Jerry Moffatt & Pete Whittaker.
After this we will have a 15min intermission which should be around 9.40pm

Post intermission we have a special competition that will be announced on the evening with prizes from Arc'teryx, FiveTen, Wild Country and more. To finish off we will have an open Q & A from the audience so get your thinking caps on!

We should all be finished by 10.30pm.....'ish.

The above is a short summary and we have plenty of small extras planned which should all make the evening an unforgettable event.

See you Sunday!

p.s. there are no more tickets available. If we get any returns / cancellations we will announce it Sunday morning on our Twitter& Facebook page. IF there are any available you can ring the Works and buy them then. It's a BIG if.



21 Nov 2013 15:55 Done in a Day

It's been a very busy day in here so I thought it would be best to summarize everything in one blog post.

This morning the boys got to work on the Masters wall creating this mess:

And by 4pm it looked like this:

We've replaced the old plywood with new and improved plywood. This wall will be out of action for the next 10days as it will get a very special paint job starting Monday.

On top of this we also stripped the Purple & Pink Spotty circuit today. We'll be replacing this with another delivery that we received this week - new Bleaustone holds shown below. More Purple & a Pink spot than spots...

Also arriving today has been the very special Peak Rock Book. We'll get the pre-orders on the special edition out ASAP (you will receive this if you pre-bought online) and we'll have the normal copy in the shop by tomorrow afternoon. You will be able to buy the book (and get it signed if you're lucky) on the book launch on Sunday 1st Dec. There is less than 30 tickets left so get your ticket online ASAP. We also received yesterday a delivery of the finest Arc'teryx beer for the Peak Rock launch night.

This was not the only delivery we've received over the last few days either. We also received tickets for our 7th Birthday party which will be held on Friday 13th December, the same night as the 2nd round of our Winter Bouldering league. Tickets are now available for FREE from reception. Get thrashed on the Berghaus comp wall and then go....have a dance.


So there you go. A busy few days in the Works.

20 Nov 2013 15:43 Winter Bouldering League R1: Results, Prizes & Pics

Round 1 of the Evolv Climbing Works Winter Bouldering League took place on Friday 15th November. The setters came up with a wide range of problems to test the skills of any boulderer. The results are now available to view, by pdf, on this link>>

Each round we will have a number of spot prizes up for grabs for those who hand their scorecard back in at the end of the night. There was 5 winners from this first round, announced below:

1 pair of Evolv shoes of your choice: Pete Miles
Metolious Boulder Bucket: Lucy Englert
Evolv Boulder Bucket: Danaan Markay
Evolv Chalkbag: Harry Waller
Metolious Chalkbag: Pippa Watkin

You can pick your prizes up from reception. Remember, taking part in both our own Winter Bouldering League and the Foundry's Winter league makes you eligible for a big bin of prizes that will be dished out after the last round in February.

The next round of the series will be held on Friday 13th December, the same evening of the Works Birthday party at Club Fez in town. You can get wrecked on the Berghaus Comp wall and then ....


You can see a whole range of photos from the first round on our Google+ page and a few choice photos below


















12 Nov 2013 11:00 BMC Open Youth Event - 7th Dec

On the 7th December, The Climbing Works is proud to be hosting the BMC Open Youth event. This is a fun but competitive event for those Under-18 climbers looking to perform at a national level. You can read more about the event on the BMC website here>>

As this will be a popular, and serious, competition there will be wall closures on the day for our normal customers. As a supporter towards the future elite of British competition climbers we know there will be disruption to our regular customers if you come down to the Climbing Works that day. As such, we will be offering our off-peak rate all-day at both centres throughout the Saturday. This is a good chance to climb at the Mini Works (with circuits up to Murple grade there is something hard for everyone to do there) but we recommend visiting the Foundry if you want to climb without U18's around.
On the Sunday the Youth event moves to the Foundry for the lead event so we will be back to normal then.

Wall Closures: Sat 7th December:
There will be a qualification round that will take place in the part of the Climbing Works that starts at the Cheese door / end of kids wall and goes towards the Berghaus competition wall. This takes in the main slab, wall opposite the campus board and the inner room. This area will be closed from 10am to 2pm.
The Berghaus Competition wall (and Motherboard) will be CLOSED ALLDAY.
The new wall in the back corner will be closed for isolation purposes for the athletes from 2pm onwards.

Thanks for your understanding and patience as we support the future stars of British climbing.

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