Routesetting Feedback: Green Spots

25 Oct 2013

Only those who carefully read the topos will have deduced that the green spotty circuit spans both centres, with the first 20 problems beginning at the Mini Works and the second 20 continuing at the Climbing Works. For those that have been wondering why you can only find half a circuit - now you know! It's always a good idea to check the topos as they go up as we are beginning to split several of our circuits across the two centres.

The green spots is a nice, easy to mid-range circuit, with problems that are great for warming up on for those looking to climb the harder circuits, as well as a few challenges for those just starting to climb at the grade. They've now been on the walls for two weeks, giving you time to get a feel for the problems. Let us know how you've got on by filling out the form below.


Circuit: Green Spots

Grade: Font 4-5

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works