Weekly Updates - Thu 12th Sep 2013

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12 Sep 2013 Routesetting Feedback: Wasp

The new wasp circuit has now been up on the walls at The Climbing Works for a couple of weeks, with many getting stuck in (and some getting stuck!). These are popular problems, drawing in climbers like, well, wasps to jampots, but what have you all been thinking about them?

I promise that if ten people fill out a feedback form (with proper answers and all) I will write a blog without any wasp puns next time...

There's your challenge. Now fill in the form!

Circuit: Wasp

Grade: 6b-6c


The Climbing Works

12 Sep 2013 Routesetting Feedback: Red

As one of our easiest graded circuits at The Climbing Works, we're always keen to keep the red circuit refreshed. It gets climbed by so many people be they beginners trying out the walls for the first time, more experienced climbers completing a warm up, or as a return from injury. It's important we get it right and enjoyable for all, so let us know how we did by filling out the form below.


Circuit: Red

Grade: 3-4

The Climbing Works

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