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18 Aug 2013 Routesetting Feedback: Black

The black circuit is one that we got some really good feedback from last time round. Many people felt that the last set was a bit too hard, so with that in mind we think we've made this circuit that little bit easier. Don't take our word for it though, the problems have been up on the walls for a little over two weeks now, giving you time to test them - so let us know what you think using the form below. 

Usually somewhere in the middle of the grade range at the Climbing Works this colour circuit gets quite a lot of traffic from climbers of all abilities. This time it's been given a grade of "6a-ish" (!) by sole routesetter Percy. There's a few sit starts, a funky flying start (as a slightly shorter person I've not managed to get enough bounce for that one yet!) and plenty of sloping, balancing moves in between. There's also the usual pumpy problem just when you think it's all over, of course! A pleasing circuit I think, with something for everyone and a calm sense of satisfaction when the problems are ticked off - not many of these come easy. But it's not what I think that matters...so let us know your thoughts.


Circuit: Black

Grade: 6a ish



The Climbing Works

2 Aug 2013 Routestting Feedback: Yellow

Now that the Yellow circuit has been up on the walls for two weeks, giving you time to try all the problems, we're interested to hear what you have to say about them. Please fill out the feedback form below.


Circuit: Yellow

Grade: 6a-6c


Climbing Works

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