Routesetting Feedback: Purple Spots

21 May 2013

At the Climbing Works we're proud of our routesetters. In 2012 they set over a thousand problems and this year, with the addition of the Mini Works too, we've already passed 600 - and there's still another seven months to go!

We're Listening!

Recently we've decided to give you, our lovely customers, a feedback form for each new circuit that we set. We'd like to hear your views - whether you've enjoyed climbing the problems or not (but we hope you have). We'll give you a few weeks after the circuits go up to give you enough time to try all the problems and maybe even work some of those you've found more tricky. Then keep your eyes on this blog for the feedback form and get ready to tell us what you think.

First up, it's the turn of the Purple Spots circuit - a nice mid-range circuit. Whether you use these problems to warm up on, or whether you've been working hard to complete a few of them, let us know your opinions by filling out the form below.


Circuit: Purple Spots

Grade: 5-5+

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