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26 Apr 2013 16:22 Mini-Works: New Photos

We've been hard at work trying to get everything done to get open on Sat 4th May. Today has seen a major step as most of the matting (by Holdz) has gone down. You can read more about the Mini-Works on our website (please feel to spread the word) and see a whole load of new photos below.

All the beautiful artwork was done by local artist (and legend) Mel Holmes. More photos and info to come next week! (oh and today we finished off a new Green Spotty circuit)
























16 Apr 2013 16:40 The Mini Climbing Works

We thought it was time to show you a few more photos of what has been going on in our new expansion - The Mini Climbing Works - and to give you some ideas of what to expect.

When will it open?
At the moment we have set the opening day as Saturday 4th May. This may change but we're hopeful it will be open to the general public on this day.


What will be it in?
Problems galore! At the moment we're looking at putting around 7 new circuits that will have problems from Font 2 (super easy) to Font 7a+ (current murple level).
There will be around 100 problems under Font 6a meaning that as a beginner / or returning to the sport there will be a lot for you to do.


What about the kids?
As you can see from the photos we're making the place as child friendly as possible with alot of colour and interesting graphics alongside a toddler friendly boulder and of course a slide!
The Mini-Works will have circuits that will be set for children of all ages and sizes. We'll have more information on this in the coming weeks so keep an eye on this blog.
If you're a parent with active kids, but are not a climber yourself, then the Mini-Works will be ideal for you. A shorter, more concise, induction/supervision process will allow you to supervise children within the Mini Works on the same day you first visit.



Exciting! What else?

We'll be expanding kids clubs so if you've got a really active child you can get them signed up to these super popular classes. You can sign up to our email newsletter on our homepage (right hand side, beside the blog) and we will keep you informed of all the classes and more. You can also email michelle@climbingworks.com if you have enquires on birthday parties or specific kids clubs
There will also be a cafe serving excellent coffee and a warm, comfortable seating area for those who need to sit down.



Anything I can do?
Spread the word. Tell your friends with excitable children or those who have wanted to give climbing a go but were never confident enough to start. The Mini Works will be a facility that will allow you to bring friends and family who never thought they could climb. This will be the place where you can show them why you love the sport so much. All the prices will remain the same - meaning you get 40% more climbing for the same price!





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