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26 Feb 2013 16:19 The CWIF: The Buildup

It's a very busy week for us as we gear up for The CWIF but we thought we'd give you a recap and a taster of what is coming this weekend.

CWIF Registration closed early last week with all 350 spaces filled in a record time, an amazing response as we only opened registration at the start of Feb. We set a new record within the first 24 hour period having over 100 competitors signup. Some of the names on the list include Jakob Schubert (current World lead champion), Dave Barrans (current CWIF champion), Shauna Coxey (current CWIF champion), Ned Feehally (3 times British Bouldering Champ), Alex Puccio (7 times American Bouldering Champion), Chris Webb Parsons and some Sheffield local called Ben Moon. You can view the full qualification list on the website here>>

On top of the competition we'll be having our famous FREE BBQ on the Sunday, freebie giveaways for the spectators from our sponsors Adidas, Berghaus & Scarpa, special shop offers over the weekend and a very special CAC beer for the BBQ and Final. All during the weekend we will be raising money for CAC (Climbers Against Cancer) through raffles, a very special CAC / CWIF Tee-shirt and boxes around the centre. If you're in a team please remember that we ask teams to donate £10 to charity (£2.50 per member).

The Weekend itself:
On Saturday we will be CLOSED allday to normal public climbing. Only competitors in The CWIF are allowed to climb. If you wish to spectate on the Saturday you are welcome to come down but please note you will not be allowed on the mats, nor will there be any specific seating as the whole centre will be used for qualifications. The sessions times are below:
AM: 9am-12.30pm
PM: 2pm-5pm
The wall will open for morning registration from 8am.

On Sunday we will be open to normal members to climb from 10am to 5pm. Please note that some of the wall will be closed allday (Berghaus Competition wall / walls near the competition wall and Circuit board). There will be a special £5 entry price for the whole day to anyone who wishes to climb. You will still have alot of the CWIF circuit to climb on from the day before so still loads to try.
The Semi's will begin at noon and finish around 2.30pm. There will be staged seating on a first come basis while there will be alot of standing room for anyone who doesn't grab a seat.
Around 3.30pm we will be starting the FREE BBQ with burgers provided by Roney's of Sheffield and a veggie option from Lembas. You can wash this down with a very special CAC beer made by a local Peak District brewery.
The Finals will begin at 6pm and finish around 8pm with ceremonies finished by 8.30pm. We will be having an extra screen in place for people who don't get a good viewing spot. This screen will be at the Campus board area so you can still be part of the atmosphere.

If you can't make the Sunday you can still watch it online via a special webcast on the official IFSC-Climbing website. It will show both the Semi's & Finals on the day. You will miss out on the atmosphere, the giveaways and the beer of course....

You can read more about The CWIF, watch trailers and past highlights on our CWIF page>>


20 Feb 2013 20:35 Evolv Bouldering League Winners

The last round of the Evolv Winter Bouldering League took place and we had a big turnout as people tested themselves before The CWIF in 10 days time. There are a lot of prizes to be given out so read below and see what you may have won....

The results from R4 can be viewed on our website here while the overall results of the Evolv Winter Bouldering league can be viewed here>>
You can also see a great gallery of images from Dom Worrall on our website gallery too>>

The winners of the overall prizes are listed below:
1st (Male): Jose Luis Olivares
1st (Female): Alex Puccio
Both Alex & Jose win £200

2nd (Male): Ash Wolsey- Heard
2nd (Female): Leah Crane
Prize: £75

3rd (Male): Tom Green
3rd (Female): Sophie Whyte
Prize: One Month pass (transferrable)

1st Male Junior: Will Roscoe
1st Female Junior: Hannah Wilson
Prize: £75 voucher for The Climbing Works shop

This year we also decided to award winners to those who finished below the top 3. These are announced below:
5th: 1 month pass (transferable): Jake Haddock
10th: 1 month pass (transferable): Finn Hatton
15th: 1 month pass (transferable): Ed Morris
20th: £25 shop voucher: Alex Stirling
30th: £25 shop voucher: Nathan Philips
40th: £20 shop voucher: Oli Hutchinson

All of the above can redeem their prizes by speaking to Brian or by emailing info@climbingworks.com


As it was also the last round of the Evolv Winter league we have the spot prizes to give out
1 x Pair of Evolv shoes: Liam Dilks
1 x Evolv Chalk Bucket: Andrew Burgess
1 x Evolv T-Shirt: Jose Luis Olivares
1 x Evolv Chalk bucket: Jermaine Thompson

As above, you can claim your prize by emailing info@ or at reception.

A massive thanks to Evolv for supporting the Winter Bouldering league once again. We'll be back next Winter but before then there is the small thing of The CWIF....


12 Feb 2013 09:36 R4 (& final) Evolv Bouldering League

The last round of the Evolv Bouldering League takes place this Friday and the overall prizes are still up for grabs. After this round we'll get all the scores together and next week we'll announce the overall winners. You can view the current scores after 3 rounds here. Remember that we add up ALL 4 rounds to get the overall score.

If you're not in the running for the big prizes or this will be your first round, you still have a chance to win some great prizes from Evolv. Everyone who hands in their scorecard can potentially win one of the below:
- 1 x Pair of Evolv shoes
- 1 x Evolv Chalk Bucket
- 1 x Evolv T-Shirt
- 1 x Evolv Chalk bucket

Overall Evolv Bouldering League Prizes
After all 4 rounds the overall prizes will be as follows:
1st Prize (Male & Female): £200
2nd place (Male & Female): £75
3rd place (Male & Female): 1 month pass (transferable)

After this we will then award the following prizes to people (Male, Female, Junior or Senior) who finish in the below places in the overall, combined, table:

5th: 1 month pass (transferable)
10th: 1 month pass (transferable)
15th: 1 month pass (transferable)
20th: £25 shop voucher
30th: £25 shop voucher
40th: £20 shop voucher

We will also award the top Male & Female Juniors with a £75 shop voucher to spend in The Climbing Works shop.

Those who registered for The CWIF may want to get down and have a practice on the Berghaus Competition wall in a comp format as this will be your last chance before the big weekend.

To get you psyched you can watch the highlights film from the very snowy Round 3 below or see all the photos from Round 3 on our Gallery page here: (big thanks to Dom Worrall - domworrall.co.uk - for the photos)


7 Feb 2013 14:34 The CWIF 2013

It's that time of year again for us - the buildup to The CWIF 2013 has begun.

We opened registration on Monday and in just over 3 days we have had nearly 200 entrants. That's a crazy response and shows just how far The CWIF has come in 7 years. If you are keen to do the competition you better register soon as we expect to be full in the next few weeks, well before the actual day itself.

As in every previous year we're aiming to make it bigger and better and we've got some things up our sleeve that we're just finalising. What we can guarantee is a weekend of brilliant climbing, top quality route-setting, a friendly / fun / competitive atmosphere, a FREE BBQ, lots of goodies and a great competition.


Every year we raise money for a good cause and this year it is Climbers Against Cancer. We'll have a massive range of t-shirts for you to purchase and we're encouraging everyone who registers to wear their CAC tee as they climb on the Saturday.

Fancy dress isn't compulsory but it makes the day a bit more fun. Plus you can win some good prizes from our sponsors for taking part.


Sunday 3rd March will be Finals day with the Semi's & Grand Final taking place at Noon and 6pm respectively. Last year the Semi's had a big crowd while there wasn't a standing or seating space to be had 1hr before the Grand Final. If you can't make it to the weekend you will be able to watch the whole Sunday via webcast on our website. We'll have more info as we head towards the big weekend.

Watch the highlights film from last year to get an insight into the whole weekend and to get psyched!

The CWIF 2012: Highlights film from The Climbing Works on Vimeo.


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