New Year, New Problems...& Walls & Cicruits

8 Jan 2013 15:12

We've started the year off as we mean to go on with a new Green circuit going up this week and a new bit of wall being built for you to play on.

Percy and the boys did the deed within a day and Sam has been busy getting it painted for it to be reset soon. You can see the pictures below.

Not content with a new circuit and new wall, we're also stripping and resetting the Moon circuit board this Wednesday. This has been a feature of the Works since we opened and has had many tweaks and changes over those 6 years. We decided, after speaking to many regulars, that it was time for a full reset of this board. Everything will be coming down tomorrow and then the resetting will begin. We'll fill it back up again with circuits in the F6c to F8c range so there will be plenty to get pumped on soon enough.