Weekly Updates - December 2012

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31 Dec 2012 11:09 Happy New Year

The final day of 2012 has followed the general theme of the rest of the year in being a wet and grey day but we've got plenty of new blocs for you to enjoy to work off the Christmas binge. Over the last 2 weeks we've set a new White & Murple circuit giving you 64 blocs in the Font 6b -7b range. This has brought our 2012 setting total to 1801 blocs. That's 5 blocs a day!

To start off 2013 right we've stripped the Volumes wall in the 2nd room with plans to do some work on here in the early days of January. We'll be continuing on this theme of constantly improving the centre to give you, our customers, the best bouldering wall in the U.K.

Today, New Years Eve we're open to 5pm and we'll be closed New Years Day and re-open Wednesday 2nd January at midday. Enjoy & Happy New Year from all at The Climbing Works

17 Dec 2012 17:50 R2 Evolv Bouldering Lge: Results

A damp Friday just before Christmas should have seen a low turn out but instead 63 competitors tackled the new blocs on the  Berghaus Comp wall for Round 2 of the Evolv Bouldering League.

 watchful eyes....

This round had a few changes to it with no money problem but instead a 25 bonus point bloc for both Male & Female. With £200 up for grabs at the end of the 4 rounds there were alot of people vying for these blocs, trying to make sure they balanced time on this and with the need to score well on the other problems.

You can view a whole gallery of images on our website here (all courtesy of domworrall.co.uk) and see the full scores from R2 here. The Evolv raffle prize winners are announced below. To claim your prize please email info@climbingworks.com. The results after 2 rounds can be viewed here.

1 x Pair of Evolv shoes: Josh Goulden
1 x Evolv Chalk Bucket: Darren Attew
1 x Evolv T-Shirt: Ash Wolsley-Heard
1 x Evolv Chalk bag: Nicola Taylor


4 Dec 2012 11:49 Changes to Evolv Winter Bouldering League

We've been having a close look at our current Evolv Winter Bouldering league setup as we felt Round 1 was not what we wanted in a Climbing Works competition. We want a vibrant comp scene with people keen to get involved in, and have a go at, each round. We want people psyched to try fresh new problems, something for them to test themselves on.

We changed the bouldering league format a few years ago as we wanted to shake things up a little. At that time we introduced a cash prize for a Male & Female top end boulder. This was to entice those climbers who don't usually compete to come down and test themselves on some of our mad creations. It was to inspire those who couldn't fathom climbing it themselves, by watching some of the country's best push themselves a little bit further for the send. For the last few years it has been a success but last year and at this years first round we have begun to notice that people are only coming down for the cash problem. From being part of the competition, it has become the competition for some.

We never like to stand still and we certainly don't like to be boring. So we've decided to change things around for the Evolv Winter Bouldering league starting from the next round on Friday 14th December.


Gone are the cash blocs and in comes a special 25 point bloc for both Male & Female. As most people know points make prizes. Instead of a cash prize per round we're offering a cash prize for the top scoring Male & Female after the end of 4 rounds. Your score in this years Round 1 will count and it will be the top scores who will be crowned champions after all 4 rounds. But that's not all. Just because you don't come first doesn't mean you don't get the chance to win some cash or prizes. Whether you are consistently winning each round or just taking part in one or two it will be worth handing in your scorecard at the end of each round.

We also realise that we have been setting alot of problems for the elite end of the spectrum (it is a competition wall after all) but we're going to try and create some amazing blocs in the amenable grade range also. Our goal is for people to enjoy themselves in a competition setting. Whether that is competing against themselves, with their friends or going for the top spot.

After each round we will draw scorecards randomly from those handed in with those selected winning one of the below:
- 1 x Pair of Evolv shoes
- 1 x Evolv Chalk Bucket
- 1 x Evolv T-Shirt
- 1 x Evolv Chalk bucket

Overall Prizes
After all 4 rounds the overall prizes will be as follows:
1st Prize (Male & Female): £200
2nd place (Male & Female): £75
3rd place (Male & Female): 1 month pass (transferable)

After this we will then award the following prizes to people (Male, Female, Junior or Senior) who finish in the overall, combined, table:
5th: 1 month pass (transferable)
10th: 1 month pass (transferable)
15th: 1 month pass (transferable)
20th: £25 shop voucher
30th: £25 shop voucher
40th: £20 shop voucher

We will also award the top Male & Female Juniors with a £75 shop voucher to spend in The Climbing Works shop.

If you handed in your scorecard for Round 1 you have a bit of an advantage over anyone coming for the next 3 rounds but it is still all open. You can view scores from Round 1 here>>

We know the above is no revolution in competition setups but this will be a stop-gap that we hope will get people psyched to come get involved and try that little bit harder...until we come up with something interesting and different for Winter 2013.


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