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29 Nov 2012 11:27 NIBL Competition

Saturday 1st Dec sees The Climbing Works host Round 3 of the Northern Indoor Bouldering League (NIBL). This is the 2nd year of the NIBL as it goes from strength to strength.

What you get:
30 problems to go at set by the country's best and IFSC recognised routesetters.
Prizes for the winners of the following categories at each venue: (Male & Female) Open, Juniors U16s, Veterans and new for this year, Under 11's (highest scoring will win a prize from Troll UK, this category won't be part of a league table, just per round).
Loads of prizes and freebies to be had.
Many thanks to the current sponsors DMM Climbing, Troll UK, Pump Volumes, Bare Bones Clothing and THREESIXFIVE.tv
DMM will also have a stand manned by Ben Bransby

Entry Fee:
£10 includes entry to the wall and entry to the competition.
Registration opens at 11am with climbing starting at noon and finishing at 3pm. If you have not entered the competition you will not be able to climb on the Berghaus Competition wall till after the NIBL is over.


28 Nov 2012 12:33 6th Birthday Party

Time does indeed fly.

It is 6 years since The Climbing Works opened its doors to a Sheffield climbing scene that wondered how a bouldering only centre would do. Read our opening day blog from Dec 2006. At that time there was 1 other bouldering only centre in the U.K. Fast forward to today and there are 20+ dotted around the country and our aim is, as it always has been, to be the best bouldering centre in the World.

One other thing we try to be the best at is throwing a birthday party. This year we are once again returning to Club Forward in Sheffield city centre, venue of our 5th (and best) birthday, on Friday 7th Dec. We'll be going bigger and better this year with longer opening times (10pm-6am) and more DJ's. Tickets are now available at reception and in one day we've already given away 1/5th of them. They are FREE but we are giving away a maximum of 4 per person as we don't want to see any to go to waste. If you end up with too many, please return them to reception as we had disappointed people last year.

The original tour in 2006 before the place was finished. Doesn't Sam look young!!


20 Nov 2012 16:11 Evolv Bouldering Lge - R1 Results

Friday night saw the first round of the Evolv Bouldering League take place on the Berghaus Competition wall. You can view the results here and view a full gallery of images taken by dr-photography on our website here.

The prize draw from Round 1:

1 x Evolv Pair of Shoes: John Dalton
1 x Evolv Chalk bucket: Adam Jennings
1 x Evolv T-Shirt: Alex Hall
1 x Evolv Chalkbag: Joe Penfold
To claim your prizes get in touch by emailing info@climbingworks.com

The next round will be on Dec 14th 



14 Nov 2012 16:45 Round 1!

This Friday sees the start of our normal Winter Bouldering League as supported by Evolv. As for the last 6 years we will be setting some magnificent torments on our Berghaus competition wall with £250 cash up for grabs across 2 money problems (1 male & 1 female). Everyone who hands in their scorecard will also have to opportunity to win some Evolv prizes as we will draw some lucky winners the following week.

We'll also have our normal set of blocs right through the grades so you know that however hard you climb there will be something for you to test yourself on. The Competition will start at 6pm and end at 10pm so there will be plenty of time for you to test yourself.

Remember that to climb on the competition at wall YOU MUST get yourself a scorecard from the front desk. The cost is only £2 and if you don't fancy paying that, then you can wait till Saturday to try the blocs. The whole idea is that the people who want to do the comp have the opportunity to climb without people who have no interest

Check out the films below to remind yourself of the craziness of the Evolv Winter Bouldering League

Evolv Winter Bouldering Lge: R1 - The Cash Problem from The Climbing Works on Vimeo.

The Climbing Works Evolv Winter Bouldering League: Round 3 Highlights from The Climbing Works on Vimeo.


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