Weekly Updates - October 2012

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16 Oct 2012 16:23 Winter Bouldering League Returns

Autumn is most definitely here with the temperatures dropping, the leaves blowing off the trees and the dark evenings drawing in.

With the season for indoors firmly here, it's time to announce our Winter Bouldering League. As like last year it will be supported by Evolv. They will be providing the £250 cash prize and Evolv goodies for a prize draw open to all competitors for each one of the 4 rounds.

Similar format to previous years with all the rounds taking place on a Friday night with 25 blocs specially set on the Berghaus Competition wall to test yourself on. There will be 1 male & 1 female cash bloc with £125 split between the lucky senders.

After the 4 rounds we will add up the 3 best scores for each competitor and the top Male, Female & Junior will win a 3 month pass to The Climbing Works. Second place in each category will get a 1 month pass and 3rd place will win a prize from Evolv.

Dates are:
Friday 16th November 2012
Friday 14th December 2012;
Friday 18th January 2013;
Friday 15th February 2013


5 Oct 2012 10:57 The A.B.C of Climbing

For the last 3 years we've been running an Adult Improver session on a Wednesday night which introduces concepts and techniques to people who have only been climbing for a short period. This has been a huge success and we've always had great feedback on the sessions with a lot of people getting hooked on bouldering because of these weekly classes. They have always been aimed at those who have been climbing for a while, those who have got stuck or wanted to learn something new. From next week we're going to start a new course for those completely new to bouldering. Those wanting to learn the A,B,C's of bouldering.

The Adult Beginners Climbing course will occur at the same time, and have the same structure, as the incredibly popular Adult Improver sessions but it will be aimed at those who are brand new to the sport. If you have a friend who you've just introduced to the sport, a partner who is really keen to start, or know someone who has just dabbled in climbing then this is the session for them.

The ABC course is all about learning the basics, from movement and simple techniques to what a sloper is and how to hold it. This course will help those new to bouldering get a great grounding in the concepts of the sport and allow them to progress much quicker than normal. It is also a great opportunity to meet climbers operating at your level, allowing you to climb with new people, creating a social group that you can climb with at other times of the week.

The best thing about all this is that it costs absolutely nothing to join. You just pay your normal entrance free and the coaching sessions are free. They are all drop in sessions so no need to pre-book or worry if you miss a week or two. They are all led by our super friendly and talented instructors and you will leave with a smile on your face, or at least the determination to come back again and complete your project.

You can read more on our website here including the structure of each weekly session. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us


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