Weekly Updates - July 2012

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19 Jul 2012 16:02 New Holds. New Blocs

For those who follow us on Twitter or Facebook you would have read, and seen, yesterday our new holds we've received from Axis. These are very similar to the (hard) Blue circuit but with a few extra bits and pieces. These new holds are in a new dual colour so you should definitely not have any issues identifying the blocs on the circuit. This will be finished by later today so with the weather still rubbish in Sheffield today you can come try these new blocs which will be in the 6a to 6b'ish range.

Percy showing he's still 'got it' as he colour co-ordinates his clothing with the new holds. Wait till you see his outfit for the Yellow reset!



2 Jul 2012 16:16 CWIF 2012 & The BBC

In March we held our 6th annual Climbing Works International Festival aka The CWIF. It was a fantastic success and a truly outstanding weekend. You can read more, view the results and see some excellent photos on our CWIF page on our website and on our photo gallery.

Today we release the highlights film as produced by Outcrop Films. It's well worth a watch and a great bit of work from the Outcrop team. This is all perfect timing as we head towards the British Bouldering Championships this weekend at Cliffhanger.

We'll be doing it all again over the weekend of 2nd & 3rd March 2013. Until then, get psyched...


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