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27 Jun 2012 21:58 US of A, and other stories

I haven't blogged on here for a while, but wrote one for the Scarpa crew, so there's a link here if you want to catch up on the latest ramblings from Bishton world.....

PS: Kiddies boulders should be finished by tomorrow (Thursday). I know there's a lot of excited little ones who want to try out the new castle (as well as a lot of excited grown-ups who want to try out the new super-fast slide), so come on down!!


21 Jun 2012 10:32 Little Kings

Work has continued on the new kids bloc and Percy expects to have the main build finished by tomorrow. The children will certainly enjoy this new wall as we've increased the wall space, put in more interesting angles and most importantly, we've made the slide bigger.

All this has taken abit longer than originally planned so the kids blocs won't be ready to climb on till next Thursday. This ties in perfectly with the Parents / Toddler session we do on a Thursday afternoon so next week these kids can be the first to climb on this exciting new wall. Our apologies for the added delay but it will be worth it. In the meantime, you can see the photos below.


19 Jun 2012 Registration OPEN for the Yorkshire Emergency Services Comp

The 3rd annual Yorkshire Emergency Services (YES) bouldering comp will be taking place on the 11th July from 7.30pm – 10.00pm. The friendly comp is open to all emergency and NHS staff in the South Yorkshire area and is open to all abilities with the format allowing complete beginners the chance to rack up some points.


3 circuits, each containing 40 problems will be selected from the problems that already exist at The Climbing Works, climbers will have 2 hours to complete as many of the 40 climbs as possible. The scoring will go as follows:

Easy Circuit (consists of selected greens and spotty problems):-

1st go – 5 points, 2nd go – 4 points, 3rd go – 3 points, Bonus – 1 point.

Medium Circuit (consists of selected black and purple problems):-

1st go – 7 points, 2nd go – 6 points,3rd go – 5 points, Bonus – 1 point.

Hard Circuit (consists of selected wasp and pink problems):-

1st go – 10 points, 2nd go – 9 points,3rd go – 8 points.

You choose which circuit to climb in order to score the most points for your team.


To enter your team make sure you have a team of four climbers (Mixed Genders)

2/4 of climbers must be registered members of The Climbing Works. To become a member you need to be an experienced climber. Alternatively you can book an induction course (all those taking part in the YES will receive a 25% discount.

The top 3 scoring male and female climbers from the circuit round will battle it out to become Y.E.S 2012 champions on the 3 problems selected for the finals.



£10 per team - All money raised will go to charity


To register a team please email michelle@climbingworks.com


Check out last years comp here

The Climbing Works

18 Jun 2012 13:00 King of the....

This morning Percy and the team got to work dismantling the old kids boulders and by 10am they were already starting to put in the foundations of the new blocs. It should all be finished by the end of the week, maybe even in time for the weekend (no promises though. We will try!!). For all those worried kids out there , don't fret. There will be a slide on the new bloc : )

The remains of the last wall


Putting the foundations in for the new build


 Can you guess what it is yet?


13 Jun 2012 11:24 Excitable Children

With school finishing in the next few weeks, kids are getting excited about the Summer holidays. We'll like to add to that by announcing that we will be refurnishing & building a brand new kids boulder in the The Climbing Works. The new one will be in the same place as the old one which means that there will be NO kids boulder for the week Monday 18th - 25th June.

If you bring your kids down please be aware they will only be able to climb on the main walls. This will obviously be an issue for any kids under 6 but we will return with a bigger, more impressive, and quite frankly better, kids wall the following week.

If you have any questions regarding your kids climbing here, please give reception a call on 0114 250 9990


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