Nourishing Climbers

22 May 2012 12:09

Climbing as a sport has been growing steadily over the last few years but when it comes down to it, it's still pretty small in a big world of football, rugby and even cycling. There are quite alot of full-time climbers but very few professional climbers, people who can actually make a living out of the sport. There just isn't the revenue incomes from climbing companies to support climbers like there is in Skiing or Surfing. In this sense, it's really nice when a small company decides to give something back. As you can read below, Sheffield based NouriSH me now have decided to support both Works regulars and two of Britain's finest all round rock climbers Katy Whittaker & Neil Mawson with a little bit of sponsorship. They won't be cruising around in new Merc's anytime soon but they will be ready for their next big training session.

"NouriSH me now are really excited to announce sponsorship of two climbers – Katy Whittaker and Neil Mawson. A big part of the reason we wanted to work with some climbers is down to the massive support for our product by The Climbing Works and their customers. We love seeing our drinks fridge there and it’s an amazing feeling knowing that so many people rate our product.
We launched our natural sports recovery drink in July 2011 and as a small Sheffield company we are hugely proud to have been recently recognised for our high quality through the ‘Made in Sheffield’ award, but this would not have been possible without consistent sales so we have much to thank the Works and all their customers for!
Our origins stem from a Triathlon/endurance sports background and to be honest, the whole climbing scene is pretty new to us, but, we have learned a lot working with Sam and Brian and listen to feedback from every single person we talk to there (usually Pirie!). Some people might have seen us at the CWIF – a first for us – but it was such an impressive, amazing experience it started us thinking about supporting Sheffield climbers in some way.
We may come from a different sport background, but power and endurance training are ultimately a common goal. So is a shared belief that natural foods support an athlete’s body during training and recovery just as well, and even better, than synthetic products. Our commitment is to high quality products, continuous product development and we are already planning some exciting collaborations with the Works in the next few months. So, we’re looking forward to working with Katy and Neil and thanks again to the Climbing Works and its customers."

NourISH me now drinks have been a big hit for climbers at the Works and its thanks to this support that they have decided to give something back to the sport. We, as a business, are very proud to purchase high quality products from a small local company and it's great to see them give something back so soon in their young life. Next time you're in The Climbing Works, that post climbing recovery drink will taste even better as you'll know you're helping to grow both a local company and the sport you enjoy.