Lost & Found

10 May 2012 16:54

Often we get asked where all our lost property goes and where do we get our many cafe products from. So below is a little summary for all those interested.

Every morning (after the night before) we pick up bits and pieces that all go into our lost property. We obviously get the normal single climbing shoes and chalkbags, but we also get randomly dress shirts, jackets and normal shoes - who walks home in their climbing shoes? We keep everything for 4 weeks and then after that period the shoes go into one box and the clothes into another. The shoes go to schools and outdoor groups (if you want some for a charity or school get in touch) and the clothes go to the Cathedral Archer Project which supports the homeless and vulnerable in Sheffield. We dropped off 4 rather large boxes to CAP yesterday, all going towards keeping their clients warm and dry whatever their age. So if you think you left a favourite hoody here a few months ago at least you now know it has gone to a good home.

As for the cafe, we always try and provide a wide range of snacks and drinks to keep you going once your climbing. Most of our products are UK based and most come from Lembas who are based in Sheffield. This week we've received a number of new flapjacks, beef jerky and other snacks that we're experimenting with to see what people like (feel free to tell the reception staff what you like). The Beef Jerky is from a farm in Northumberland and although more common in the USA or S.Africa, beef jerky is a fantastic source of protein and great food to nibble on over a long session.
Post session what you should be getting stuck into is one of the many protein bars (options for those who have allergies to nut, lactose or are celiac), or one of our best sellers - the NourishMeNow recovery drink.

This is a very small, Sheffield based, company that have only been active for a few years. These drinks are all Made In Sheffield stamped and use only natural ingredients. Basically this is an ideal post climb drink for anyone serious about their climbing.
We're also very proud that to have received a 5 * food hygiene rating from Sheffield city council. All this means that you have a wide range of food & drinks to fuel you in a nice clean environment.