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30 May 2012 16:40 Orange Summer

Those following our blog and twitter will know that we've been building a new bit of wall. Sam painted it a  few days ago (taking inspiration from our last visit from Gaz Parry) and today it has been set with a selection of new problems across the grades. The Enigma and UF have also set a new Red circuit which will go along perfectly with tonight's Adult Improver sessions.

Yesterday we also had the Holdz crew in putting down some new carpets. This is a cross weave which should strengthen and firm up the mats making climbing here even more enjoyable. As for the new wall, check out the pictures below and get psyched.


24 May 2012 17:15 Warped Changes

All regulars to The Climbing Works know that we like to change things. Since we opened there has been multiple rebuilds and wall extensions. In fact it's worth watching the original Climbing Works tour below and those who regularly come in will see how much it has changed.


 In this heat we've taken the opportunity of a little quiet patch to do a little build to improve the wall near reception. A month or so back, the observant of you would have noticed that the hole where the bean bag went was replaced by some new matting. As you can see below, there was a reason behind this.

Most of the build work has been finished now, just a few bits to tidy up and it should all be done by early June. Those who are in over the next few days will see the completed wall. We'll post some photos next week.


22 May 2012 12:09 Nourishing Climbers

Climbing as a sport has been growing steadily over the last few years but when it comes down to it, it's still pretty small in a big world of football, rugby and even cycling. There are quite alot of full-time climbers but very few professional climbers, people who can actually make a living out of the sport. There just isn't the revenue incomes from climbing companies to support climbers like there is in Skiing or Surfing. In this sense, it's really nice when a small company decides to give something back. As you can read below, Sheffield based NouriSH me now have decided to support both Works regulars and two of Britain's finest all round rock climbers Katy Whittaker & Neil Mawson with a little bit of sponsorship. They won't be cruising around in new Merc's anytime soon but they will be ready for their next big training session.

"NouriSH me now are really excited to announce sponsorship of two climbers – Katy Whittaker and Neil Mawson. A big part of the reason we wanted to work with some climbers is down to the massive support for our product by The Climbing Works and their customers. We love seeing our drinks fridge there and it’s an amazing feeling knowing that so many people rate our product.
We launched our natural sports recovery drink in July 2011 and as a small Sheffield company we are hugely proud to have been recently recognised for our high quality through the ‘Made in Sheffield’ award, but this would not have been possible without consistent sales so we have much to thank the Works and all their customers for!
Our origins stem from a Triathlon/endurance sports background and to be honest, the whole climbing scene is pretty new to us, but, we have learned a lot working with Sam and Brian and listen to feedback from every single person we talk to there (usually Pirie!). Some people might have seen us at the CWIF – a first for us – but it was such an impressive, amazing experience it started us thinking about supporting Sheffield climbers in some way.
We may come from a different sport background, but power and endurance training are ultimately a common goal. So is a shared belief that natural foods support an athlete’s body during training and recovery just as well, and even better, than synthetic products. Our commitment is to high quality products, continuous product development and we are already planning some exciting collaborations with the Works in the next few months. So, we’re looking forward to working with Katy and Neil and thanks again to the Climbing Works and its customers."

NourISH me now drinks have been a big hit for climbers at the Works and its thanks to this support that they have decided to give something back to the sport. We, as a business, are very proud to purchase high quality products from a small local company and it's great to see them give something back so soon in their young life. Next time you're in The Climbing Works, that post climbing recovery drink will taste even better as you'll know you're helping to grow both a local company and the sport you enjoy.


10 May 2012 16:54 Lost & Found

Often we get asked where all our lost property goes and where do we get our many cafe products from. So below is a little summary for all those interested.

Every morning (after the night before) we pick up bits and pieces that all go into our lost property. We obviously get the normal single climbing shoes and chalkbags, but we also get randomly dress shirts, jackets and normal shoes - who walks home in their climbing shoes? We keep everything for 4 weeks and then after that period the shoes go into one box and the clothes into another. The shoes go to schools and outdoor groups (if you want some for a charity or school get in touch) and the clothes go to the Cathedral Archer Project which supports the homeless and vulnerable in Sheffield. We dropped off 4 rather large boxes to CAP yesterday, all going towards keeping their clients warm and dry whatever their age. So if you think you left a favourite hoody here a few months ago at least you now know it has gone to a good home.

As for the cafe, we always try and provide a wide range of snacks and drinks to keep you going once your climbing. Most of our products are UK based and most come from Lembas who are based in Sheffield. This week we've received a number of new flapjacks, beef jerky and other snacks that we're experimenting with to see what people like (feel free to tell the reception staff what you like). The Beef Jerky is from a farm in Northumberland and although more common in the USA or S.Africa, beef jerky is a fantastic source of protein and great food to nibble on over a long session.
Post session what you should be getting stuck into is one of the many protein bars (options for those who have allergies to nut, lactose or are celiac), or one of our best sellers - the NourishMeNow recovery drink.

This is a very small, Sheffield based, company that have only been active for a few years. These drinks are all Made In Sheffield stamped and use only natural ingredients. Basically this is an ideal post climb drink for anyone serious about their climbing.
We're also very proud that to have received a 5 * food hygiene rating from Sheffield city council. All this means that you have a wide range of food & drinks to fuel you in a nice clean environment.

9 May 2012 11:42 Mixed May

With May continuing on from a wet and windy April it's lucky you have such a great wall to spend your climbing time at ; )

We have been busy over the last few weeks with a new Blue & Purple circuit and a new Wasp 40 bloc set going up tomorrow. This gives you over 150 new problems to try, all set in the last 3 weeks. In fact, since the 1st Jan we have set over 600 blocs. That is a lot of problems! After the Wasp we will be changing the Berghaus Competition wall so if you have anything you want to complete on that wall, you have till next Tuesday evening to get it done.

If you have been down in the last few weeks you may have noticed (although we are quite surprised at how many people have not) the big hole where the beanbag used to be is now gone. As you can see in the image below we have filled in it. The reason, well you will have to wait and see...


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