Weekly Updates - April 2012

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19 Apr 2012 16:18 Little Improvements

With April showers firmly in place you're probably wondering if you're going to need a boat to leave the house anytime soon. To attract you to venture out we've set a new Purple Spotty circuit which falls into the Font 5 grade range. You also have a 30 bloc Berghaus Competition wall to keep you entertained including a pump-inducing  F8c traverse to keep the blood moving in this cold & wet snap. You can find the latest topo's on our website here.

Last night was the first session in the new round of Adult Improver evenings. Perfect for those new to climbing or those looking to improve (currently climbing up to Font 6a), the Adult Improver sessions have helped hundreds of our members with many now climbing in the Font 7's. You can find the full list of evening plans on our news page on climbingworks.com.

As the rain falls we've also decided to do a little housework. So over the next week you should see the toilets get a lick of paint and a few other small improvements. We've also got some further plans to change a few things but you'll have to wait to hear more about them.

Percy in his favourite environment - the Men's toilet


12 Apr 2012 11:56 Changes

The Berghaus Competition wall is currently being reset today with 20+ blocs going up on it. This is the first change since The CWIF and should give those who enjoy big moves and small holds something to enjoy. Next week we're changing the Purple spotty so we'll have a nice easy circuit for those returning to the Works post Easter.

If you've been climbing on the Yellow circuit since its gone up you'll may have noticed that there was some quite hard ones on it. If you send one of these next time you're in, it may not be because you've just got a lot stronger (well you may have...), but also that we've tweaked some of them. We've realised that some of them were too hard for the grade range they were supposed to be (up to 6c). They were excellent problems for sure but we pride ourselves on having a circuit system that progresses through the associated colours. So, in summary, some of the yellows have been tweaked and you may have also got stronger.

Away from the Works, it is the start of the IFSC bouldering world cup series with the first event occurring in China with 2 Climbing Works regulars taking part - Alex Puccio & Mina Leslie-Wujastk. They're also being joined by CWIF 2012 champion Shauna Coxsey and you can watch the ladies compete online over the 13-14th April on the IFSC website.



6 Apr 2012 15:14 Easter Fun

Easter is here and if you're struggling against the weather this weekend our opening hours are below:
Friday: Noon to 10pm
Easter Sat & Sun: 10am to 8pm
Easter Monday: Noon to 10pm

This week we have a new Yellow 40 bloc circuit on the wall and next week the Berghaus competition wall will get changed. To get you psyched for a bit of comp wall action you can watch the last film in our Evolv Winter bouldering league series.


4 Apr 2012 10:18 New Sponsor

We're happy to announce that The House have become a sponsor of The Climbing Works. Situated in the bouldering mecca of Fontainebleau, France, The House provide gite accommodation in a superb location in la foret.


They join our other sponsors in enabling us to provide the best bouldering wall in the World.


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