Weekly Updates - Sat 10th Mar 2012

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10 Mar 2012 18:22 The CWIF: Qualifying results

What a day!!! 300+ competitors over 2 sessions on 30 blocs. Big sends, spills and a few tantrums. We'll have more of the same tomorrow as the finals kick off at Noon. There's a FREE BBQ at 3pm and the Finals are on at 6pm (be here earlier if you want a good seat). You can watch the Semi's and Finals at www.thecwif.co.uk

Full Qualifying Male results:
Full Qualifying Female results:

If you have a 0 beside your name its because you didn't turn up or did not hand in your scorecard (naughty people!)

There's a short video from todays qualifying which you can view below:

We've had a prize today courtesy of Berghaus and the winners are below. 3 from each session. You can pick up your prizes tomorrow by making your name known to the staff at reception.

AM session
Winner of 1 x Arete Berghaus Rucsac is: Steve Yeoman
Winner of 1 x Ladies Berghaus Rucsac is: Jenny Brown
Winner of 1 x Psyche DVD is: Rachel Hoyland

PM session

Winner of 1 x Arete Berghaus Rucsac is: Simon Marshall
Winner of 1 x Ladies Berghaus Rucsac is: Naomi Tilley
Winner of 1 x Psyche DVD is: Andy Born


10 Mar 2012 14:45 The CWIF: Sat Morning Scores

We're now in the middle of the PM session and 150+ competitors are trying their hand at the CWIF circuit.

Andy Earl, A Geordie fan, wearing a Sunderland jersey for the weekend. All in aid of charity: Macmillian Cancer Support & Edale Mtn Rescue Team


This mornings AM session has come and gone and the general mood was..."these are a bit hard, aren't they?". Well, what did you expect? It's all in the scores which you can now view online below. All the blocs and their sends. It's an impressive pdf of data.

AM Male:
AM Female:

Out of 132 returned scorecards we had one equal score. Just one tie with 30blocs to score on. That's an impressive bit of routesetting. Out on top of the Men early on is Dave Barrans with a very impressive 291 out of 300. In the Female's it's Shauna Coxsey on 201 with Alex Puccio just 2 points behind.

 The excellent Fancy Dress outfit from Jo. Will it get out done in the PM session


Scarpa Boostic: Only 25 in the country and they're all here. Only for the weekend


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