2 Days to go to The CWIF

8 Mar 2012 19:24

This morning the whole team of routesetters (the Bish, Ginger Prince, Longy, Pickles, Taz & the Enigma) set to work on the Berghaus competition wall to set & test the Finals & Semi problems that will make up this years The CWIF. The team consists of 3 World-Cup routesetters plus 3 of the most experienced British setters around. All in all, not a bad team to have setting.

 Hidden behind these walls are blocs to make grown Men & Women cry

Some of the strange holds ready to be used at The CWIF

Tomorrow they will set the 30 blocs that make up the qualifying session. If you have registered you should have received an email regarding Saturday. You can find all the information re: registration, session times and more at thecwif.co.uk

If you need to pay your entrance fee to take part (i.e. you are not a full or prepaid member of the Works) then you can now do that online to save some time on Saturday. If you are going to pay on the morning then please bring cash as it will be much quicker than waiting for the card machine to be free.

As we're expecting a lot of people from all over the country we would encourage locals to walk or bike down if you can. We will have more car parking than normal in here but please be considerate if you have to park outside Centenary Works on the surrounding roads. There is plenty of spaces further down Little London rd.

So what to expect on the day?? Well, obviously some amazing blocs to test yourself on, a friendly atmosphere and your chance to win of over 2k of prizes donated by Berghaus & Scarpa. We'll be raising money for Macmillian Cancer Support & the Edale Mtn Rescue Team and we'll be asking you to dig deep to help these fantastic charities. You'll have a chance to win Tees, Shoes, Rucsacs, Wine, Trips away and much much more. There will also be a little bit of our usual, infamous, giveaways over the weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you here.