BMC Coaching Symposium

5 Mar 2012 16:10

Over the last few years, coaching in climbing has really exploded. More and more people are recognising that if you want to get over that little plateau, then getting some personalised coaching is a great way to do it.

The Climbing Works has always been proud to push forward the sport of climbing and over the last few years we have steadily built up our coaching team, pulling in expertise from not only within climbing but from other areas such as education, other sporting governing bodies, nutrition, sports science and sports development to ensure our service is the best in the country. The BMC have also been increasingly more supportive of the whole thing which has been a difficult political position to straddle given their wide remit. To celebrate the good work being done out there by Britain’s leading coaches, the BMC will be hosting their second Coach Symposium on the 24th/25th of March at Calshot in Southampton.

This weekend is all about sharing good coaching practice, learning new things and growing your skills. Our own Tom Greenall will also be there as part of the delivery team for the second year, providing an interactive workshop to delegates on “Giving Positive Feedback”.
From the BMC“With a new program and more practical sessions, the theme for 2012 is performance clubs. The intended audience is similar to those who attended in 2011, namely coaches working in climbing walls, predominantly with children who take part in national and local competitions.”

If you are a coach then this is definitely worth attending. With the 2020 Olympics being a chance for climbing to become part of the Games the youth of today could be the Olympians of the future.

If you are interested in improving your own climbing then visit The Climbing Works website for more information -